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Are You A Hands-Off Entrepreneur? What If…

Are You A Hands-Off Entrepreneur? What If ....

Are you a hands-off entrepreneur, or does the very thought make you shudder?

I had an initial strategy meeting with a new online business manager client this week, we discussed his goals for 2018 and derived a ‘what if’ scenario.  My client (let’s call him Rufus!) has definitely not been hands-off.  Like most entrepreneurs his business has revolved around him and the decision to take on an online business manager was a big step, but one that helps him realise his dreams of scalability and rapid growth.

So … the ‘what if’s’.

We brainstormed a wish list of how his life would change if he truly became a hands-off entrepreneur.  They included:

  • By concentrating on creating content for his subscription based membership, he could meet deadlines and have the headspace to submerge himself in the creative process – no distractions.
  • If he wanted to take a spur of the moment holiday or long weekend, he could.  If he wanted to go on a school trip with his daughter, he could.
  • He’d spend more time at the strategic level of his business with time for consistent BD (thus fast-tracking his growth).
  • Income would increase, not his hours – because he’d be outsourcing all operational aspects of his business.
  • He’d have a better handle on his business as a whole due to dashboard management reports – easing his mind while transitioning to hands-off.
  • There would be a better company culture as his staff are empowered with more responsibility while more appreciated by a less-stressed Rufus.

These were the main points he wanted to drive change for, and we’ve established some SMART goals and strategies to help realise these next year.  Rufus was initially worried about losing control of his business, but with management level reporting and good communication his control actually improved once not micro-managing.

It was also a brilliant strategy meeting for me, often by listening to challenges our clients are going through (and just as important, the dreams they want to achieve), it gets me thinking.

Above we’ve listed some of the WHY to being a hands-off entrepreneur, for ways you can achieve this I’ve included some resources on the HOW below:

  • Partner with us (duh!), we’ll use processes, strategy and (outstanding) support system so you feel comfortable and still in control while transitioning to hands-off.
  • Mandi Ellefson of The Hands-Off CEO has some great articles on how to recover hours you can then re-invest back into growing your company.
  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur is full of resources helping you automate and systemise your business to give you more time, more money and ultimately, more freedom.
  • Michael Hyatt’s ‘Lead to Win’ podcast will motivate, educate and keep you on the straight and narrow!
  • The guru of outsourcing, Chris Ducker has a treasure trove of resources in his blog.

What’s your wishlist looking like for next year?  In a perfect world, what will your days look like … and what needs to happen for you to achieve this?

Here’s to an amazing and transformational 2018 … for you, for Rufus … and for me too!

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