Online Business Manager

This package is aimed to support business owners who need more than an assistant. Someone to manage your business to enable you to really focus on where you add value and make sure you have the time available you need to concentrate on other priorities while knowing your business management is in the best hands. 

How do you know when to hire an OBM?

First, if you find yourself feeling like your business running you rather than you running your business, that is a big clue. The second is if you find that you are in a growth spot and have no idea what to do next. You’ll find yourself wishing you had someone to bounce ideas off or who understands all the parts of your business, caring as much about it as you do. If you’ve answered yes to either of the above, then it’s time!

One question I get asked about all the time is, what comes first the OBM or the lower level staff? In my opinion an OBM is the first stop in placing the right people within your business. They can help you grow, hire, manage and just generally make shit happen.

VA versus OBM

The focus of the Online Business Manager is on ‘management’ whereas a VA’s focus is on the ‘doing’.  

An Online Business Manager is hired to manage your projects, team members, operations, and expenses to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

An OBM is:

  • Your second brain
  • Looks at the big picture, AND the fine details
  • More than just a task ticker
  • Higher level skill-set than a Virtual Assistant
  • NOT paid to say YES
  • Manages projects, staff, budgets and operations

Our Online Business Managers:

  • Are managers who will keep an eye on the BIG picture and manage all the moving pieces
  • Proactive
  • Take initiative
  • Possess the ability to problem solve and offer solutions
  • Will make the day to day decisions that you WOULD make
  • Can implement processes and procedures to get your team running efficiently
  • Can make recommendations around available technology and services that will work symbiotically to grow your business
  • Manage your business to give you some of the freedom that you’ve worked so hard for
  • Are someone who will answer, “Let me think of a way to accomplish that”, rather than, “that can’t be done”?

We commit to:

  • 40 hours per month working on your account
  • Complete assessment of your business systems and processes
  • Implementation of optimal systems and process to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy
  • Optimise communication for all team members
  • Recommendations to align solutions with your goals
  • Implement centralisation of resources to increase efficiency for all team members
  • Assess present team and make strategic recommendations
  • Pass on cost savings by sourcing off-shore labour to complete tasks as a preferred option and managing quality control and timelines of these tasks. This is something Your VA does that many other OBM’s don’t offer.

You commit to:

Open communication in terms of:

  • your business goals
  • your business struggles

Your vision of your optimal role in

  • 90 days
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

Keeping an open mind to

  • new systems, processes and methods
  • new ideas
  • a true partner in your business

If you’re ready to take the next logical step for your business, book a discovery call with Justine or visit our packages page for all the options on working with us.

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