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Pet Refuge | Safety for Pets


Unlike clients who find us, we found Pet Refuge as the cause our team wanted to support.  Their mission, to provide safety for pets while their owners escape abuse, is one that touches all our hearts.

And so, we reached out to the incredible Erin Roberts, General Manager of their marketing and business operations, to ask how we could help.    Erin was looking for assistance until they could employ a new coordinator, and well beyond that! She felt torn between her own duties and the extra marketing tasks that now needed her attention, which is where our proposal to support them with a free monthly retainer was the right fit at the right time.  In Erin’s words,

This will allow us to support the shelter and the expansion of our service so much more. It also couldn’t have come at a better time, my Marketing Coordinator finishes up next week Wednesday and aside from feeling like I’m losing a metaphorical limb, I’m also wondering how we’re going to cover all the workload!

In March of 2022 we started our partnership with the Pet Refuge team.  Doing our bit to give victims of domestic violence a safe place (and lots of love) for their pets until such time as they can be reunited.



We wanted to have as many of our team involved as possible so after an initial call with Erin to find out what her critical workload was, we paired her with Beatrix as her Lead VA who then put a call out for expertise with:

  • social media
  • web development
  • graphic design
  • administration.

We wanted to find ways to support them that went beyond ad hoc tasks, and quickly fell into a rhythm where they could count on us for daily social media community management, monthly newsletter designs and so much more. Weekly meetings with Erin addressed any extra or unforeseen items that we could take off her plate, freeing her up to focus on the operations side of the organisation.

Our aim was to establish trust by delivering quality work, always being a phone call away and by going out of our way to find the right person on our team for the job at hand (whatever that may be).

Note: as for all clients where we have access to confidential information, we signed individual NDAs.  


Since starting up our partnership with Pet Refuge in 2022, Erin and her team have had more time to spend on growing the organisation, helping more victims and their pets to feel safe and supported.

They now have a new marketing coordinator on board, with whom we closely work to help deliver a smooth and continual stream of content (social media posts and monthly newsletters to partners), as well as a team effort of managing their very lively online community.

We also assist them in managing their online store, are advising on a new upcoming website build, and helping out in any way we can!

We are so very proud to be partnering with such an incredible organisation.

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Pet Refuge
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