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Case Study

Mantle | Leadership Development


Mantle, a leadership development and training agency, were at a crossroads. They had big plans for growth, but their systems were holding them back from realising their full operational potential. They came to us recognising they needed support and a fresh perspective on how to optimise their systems and processes.



Sue worked with the Mantle team for twelve months, delivering significant advancements in project management capabilities and strengthened business processes. Leveraging Scoro (a new workflow management system) and strengthening Process Hub (Mantle’s internal process library), Mantle’s team is now well-equipped to manage projects more effectively, optimise resource allocation, deliver consistent results with a process-led mindset, and gain valuable insights to drive strategic growth and decision-making, thereby contributing to improved profitability and positioning Mantle to scale and grow.

  • Services Provided: Virtual Business Manager Retainer
  • Team Involved: Sue Balcomb, VBM
  • Project Brief: 
    • Take ownership of the work done in the last few years to systemise processes and incorporate them into the day-to-day operations.
    • Review systems and make recommendations for a new workflow management system to replace WorkflowMax.
    • Work with the operations team to instil a process-driven culture.



The positive impact of our support brought change and a fresh perspective. Mantle now boasts a process-led mindset, with optimised workflows that drive strategic growth and decision-making. They are well-equipped to manage projects with newfound agility and precision, ensuring consistent delivery of results.

Our partnership with Mantle exemplifies the power of dedicated support and innovative solutions. We didn’t just upgrade their systems; we empowered their entire team to achieve more than they ever thought possible. 


  • Quantifiable Results: 
    • Successfully implemented Scoro as the primary workflow management tool.
    • Documented and standardised key business processes to build a strong operational foundation.
    • Enhanced the quality and efficiency of quoting through Scoro.
    • Improved visibility into project activities and resource allocation.
    • Streamlined workflows, boosting overall efficiency.
    • Developed solutions with Scoro to address its limitations.


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