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“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you,
spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”
~ Amy Poehler

“It has been a pleasure to work with Justine now two times over the past year. For both times she has eased my stress by providing comfort that her skilled team can support our tasks and get us back on track and give me confidence with her virtual business. The systems that Justine has created in the background are fantastic and I have not had to worry about the hours being missed if my VA was away (with a back up VA) or delays in getting a VA set up – within hours of phoning I had a VA ready and waiting! The VAs Justine employs are talented, professional and work hard to give you results and ultimatly Justine and her team have helped take the pressure off my own team when work has become too big for my own small team to handle. Thank you so much – gone are the days of the ‘traditional’ temporary support.”

“I launched the website yesterday via a LinkedIn post and have had a lot of engagement and really positive feedback from colleagues and clients so far.

Thank you all so much for all your work on my little business over the last wee while. My templates are all in use, the website and my social media looks fantastic and I am absolutely thrilled with how everything has turned out.

I expect I will need your help again going forward so we will be in touch again I am sure, but I wanted to pause and say thanks for everything to date.”

“VA have been instrumental in helping our growing business organise our workflows, integrate systems and set us up for scale and success.

They can always be relied upon for their quick turnaround and quality delivery. And always with a smile. Thanks team.”

At Hillary Outdoors, we often provide positive life-changing experiences for young New Zealanders. For the past year, YVA has been providing Hillary Outdoors with positive life-changing experiences for our organisation. We have been working with Liz Campbell who was able to take the time to get to know our organisation, and then quickly went to work to fix systems, update processes and policies, and ensure we were able to meet our goals through thorough and efficient work. Between Justine listening and understanding what we needed and Liz being a true team member, our organisation has made huge administrative strides that has helped me to be able to focus on strategic priorities, thus enabling our team to sowing the seeds of growth and love of the outdoors with New Zealand youth. Thank you! 

“I’ve worked with Lisa at Your VA on a number of creative projects over the last year. Lisa has always been able to accurately understand the requirements of the mahi and deliver the project on time every time, with very little hand-holding. As a result it has meant that Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō has been able to keep their look professional and current. It has ensured that the projects have maintained their momentum, as it has also allowed me to concentrate my efforts in other areas and work more efficiently.  

Working with Your VA has been an absolute breeze, I would recommend them to any one or any business who need that extra help to relieve the pressure when there are just too many juggling balls in the air!?”

“Our business transitioned to a virtual environment about 18 months ago. We called on Justine and her team to support us in this process.

We found the way in which the team assisted us to adapt, streamline and then provide value as our “virtual support team” quite exceptional.

The learning and growing is on-going, but it is now a team effort and we have more support than we ever had!

Brilliant service.

Thanks Justine, Renee, Lisa and crew… we love your work!”

“Justine and her team have made such a difference overall but particularly in marketing, financial management and membership queries.

They have such an instinctive feel for our large membership, we have been confident to let them deal directly with our members without our oversight.

Their response times are hugely impressive and their reporting is transparent. The one thing I have valued most of all though is the “can do” attitude; the fact that we feel listened to; and that they run a raft of ideas/solutions past us to gauge where we are comfortable and consult with us throughout any change.

Justine and her team have turned CANZ on its head in the most positive way I have seen in years.”

“I was lucky enough to be partnered with Nikki Larbey from Your VA to help me get on top of the increasing complex operational side of my business.

Nikki made a huge impact right from the very start and quickly became familiar with my business needs. She started by identifying and removing tasks that I didn’t need to be involved with and then streamlined operations with smart systems that leveraged off the shelf technology.”

“Staying on top of even a modest social media calendar and regular communications is a tough task for most of us on top of running the day to day business. For the last 6 months I’ve been working with Jilanne Holder from Your VA. Jilanne does a great job of managing all of our regular social media posts and communication and we finally have a regular presence online. She’s easy to work with and has taken a huge load off me since we started working together.”

“We have been working with Justine and her VA team for almost 2 years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Just knowing we have “Your VA” team on standby to help with any issues, advice, pulling reports (the ones you really don’t want to do), email and text campaigns … just to name a few, is extremely valuable to have at your fingertips.
To have the upmost confidence to trust Justine and her team, with your company’s important information and decisions on the running’s of the company, takes away the stress and allows us more time to concentrate on our everyday tasks.
Not only are they knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive; each individual excels in their own fields of expertise and the entire team are a delight to deal with, which makes every interaction a fun and pleasant one.
Never a chore always a pleasure.”

“The Your VA team, ably led by Justine with her ‘can do’ attitude, is one of the Celebrant Association’s best resources.

In no time at all they came to grips with what makes our complex membership organisation tick.  Since engaging them, our membership is stronger, and its subsequent growth is a direct result of the initiative and effort of Hazel – she makes things happen.


Our profile and performance on social media continue to expand with Kari’s inspiration and creative skill and our first virtual conference was a seamless success, in great part due to the excellent planning and support we had from Megan. Their financial management and reporting help keep us on track as do their website technical specialists.  


Your VA is an absolute asset to our executive team and to our members.  They are accessible, transparent and competent across a range of business disciplines.


They’re like employing the Swiss Army knife in business. We don’t need anyone else.”️

“We were looking for additional support and our project manager recommended Your VA. That was a good few years ago now, and we’ve never looked back. Justine, Penny, Jilanne and Lisa are wonderful to work with and have a broad range of skills to help us in so many ways, from customer service, to graphic design, to email campaigns and much, more. We are grateful to have such a great team supporting our team, which means we can concentrate on serving our members and clients in the best possible way. Thanks, Your VA!”️

“I really enjoy working with Yurika. Her energy and willingness to think beyond what I’ve asked for is much appreciated. Yurika always reaches out and does the extras that make each task special. I love her design flair and the way she brings my ideas to life. Thank you!”️

“Sue was just great, and I’ve actually mentioned my great experience with Your VA to a bunch of people. I will definitely be using this as an option in the future if the need arises – to have a sharp, super-trustworthy resource like Sue on call is a huge win for small businesses.”

“The Your VA team have provided total support as I started in my own new business. They have guided where I needed guiding and listened when they needed to learn what I do. The service has been invaluable so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where we can go from here.”

“The YourVA team are friendly, well organised and efficient – everything you need when you’re looking for extra support! They helped fill the gap when we were recruiting for our events manager and slotted right into the team.

Would recommend and use again.”

“Justine, you and your team are: straight forward, upfront, honest, trustworthy, capable, creative and highly productive – you make things happen. Whenever I come across somebody looking to become more productive and effective, who wants people on their team who add heads and hearts not just arms and legs – I always mention your service.”

“Justine has developed a unique business and a team that complements it. If you are looking for a skilled team to help make business easier, then look no further. Your VA has got you covered from basic administrative tasks to social media management, project management and editing. I haven’t found any other business that compares and if you’re ready for business and life to be easier, then talk to Justine today.”

“We have been working with Justine for over 3 years and have not been disappointed. Her knowledge base and experience is first class, her communications are fast and efficient, and we recommend her often to our clients.”

“Justine and her team have helped me out on more than one occasion when I wasn’t sure how we were going to meet deadlines. The turnaround in delivery is quick, the work done to a high standard and Justine is flexible and professional.”

“Justine and the team are a valuable support to our small business when we struggle to keep all of the balls in the air – they are always there to assist. Her understanding of what we do is amazing and her attention to detail outstanding.”

Anne Warren
True Property Management

“I’m already recommending you to others…but here goes, Your VA offers a flexible solution to busy self-employed people like me who waste too much time on administrative tasks. Justine is delightful to deal with, understands my business and is able to offer much needed support. I can highly recommend Your VA.”

“If you don’t have enough hours in the day, find you’re spending time on activities someone else could do, or want an amazing virtual assistant, I highly recommend Justine and her team. They are lifesavers. Far from just doing basic administrative tasks (which they excel at), they can pick up almost anything and run with it. Since I’ve been working with them I’ve been able to focus on my core business and leverage my time much more effectively. Plus, I don’t have to spend time upskilling in areas which aren’t the best use of my time. Justine and her team are responsive, easy to work with and do a great job. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They will work as an extension of your business and before long you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them.”

Kirsten Hodgson
Kaleidoscope Marketing

“Your VA is an efficient, professional service I can totally rely on when I need help with something. Always responsive, always helpful, knowledgeable and there for me. Justine is a perfectionist so I know projects are always done well. I’ve recommended Your VA to many business owners and will continue to do so.”

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Your VA’s services. I know that, with the breadth of skill-set across your wider team, you never let me down when I need help.”

“Working with Justine and her super capable and committed team of elves is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. I simply could not run my business without them and I wouldn’t want to! They take care of all the back end tasks that allow me to focus on doing the things I’m best at, and in terms of my online group coaching programme ~Wellbeing Warriors~ it wouldn’t be changing the lives of so many women round the world without the continued technical excellence of Justine and the team. They allow my work to shine and I am grateful every single day!”

“There is something special about Justine and the team at Your VA! As a busy business owner and mum who struggles to maintain focus on the small things (!), Justine and her team have been a critical support. I know I can hand something over to them and it will get done – often with a few suggestions along the way for alternative/ improved ways to approach things. They have a timely and considered approach, and truly care about the success of your business. Highly recommended!”

“We have been using the VA team to complete professional documents and to create surveys for clients and customers. All tasks have been completed in a timely and competent manner and the communication and their project management has been outstanding. Using Justine’s team allowed our company to continue business as usual when we were left with minimal resources to perform the required work. Highly recommended.”

Justine has worked with me and my team over many years. She has a positive and can do attitude. Justine is always looking for new solutions. Her sense of humour is great and keeps us working well.”

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