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How To Delegate Your Tasks To Elevate Your Time

How To Delegate Your Tasks To Elevate Your Time

When You Delegate Your Tasks ...

When you delegate those tasks that fall outside your zone of genius, you are elevating your time.  Because your time is precious. By spending it actions that will increase your profitability you’ll finish each day with that sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve ‘moved the needle’ for your business, without the overwhelm.

We've Seen the Results

We know the results elevating time can achieve, because we’ve seen it with our clients.  Whether you’re working with a Virtual Business Manager, or a Virtual Assistant, our objective is to help you spend your days working in your zone of genius. 

Here's how you too can delegate your tasks :

Step 1: Find your 100%

Your 100% is your maximum number of hours per week you want to work and still remain balanced. You can’t move to the next step without answering this question.  The answer to this question represents your 100%.

My 100% is ________ hours per week.

Step 2: List everything you do

This step should take about 30 minutes and will save you hundreds of hours every year going forward. Use your project management tool, to-do list, diary, time tracker to literally list each and every activity, big and small.  Note time it takes (roughly!) for each task.  Then move on to step 3.

Step 3: List everything you should do

Often missed, this step is crucial.  Add to your list the tasks that aren’t being done because you either don’t have the capacity, or the skillset.  Tasks that keep getting bumped off your priority list because while important, they’re not necessarily urgent.  Again, estimate the time needed to complete each task.

Step 4: Evaluate your list

Transfer the tasks in steps 2 and 3 to the Delegate and Elevate template we use as part of our EOS methodology.  What you want to be concentrating on is delegating the tasks in the bottom two boxes, ultimately working towards spending 80% of your time in the top left box, tasks you love/are great at.  This is your zone of genius.   

Step 5: Delegate and elevate!

  1. Calculate the estimated time you’ll save by delegating the bottom two boxes (don’t like/good and don’t like/not good). 
  2. Now calculate the estimated time to complete tasks in the top two boxes (love/great and like/good). 
  3. If you look back to the 100% you defined in step 1, do you now have capacity for these tasks you’ve identified as being tasks you should be spending your time on?  Your zone of genius?  If not, look to delegate as many tasks in your like/good box as you need in order to meet your 100%.

That’s the hard part done, now you just need to make it a priority to actually delegate!

Will you achieve this exercise overnight?  Probably not!  

But if you make a plan and stick to it, you’ll get there.  Think about the consequences in not delegating your tasks.  Not enjoying elevated time.  It affects your vision for your business, not to mention your own wellbeing.  Take it from us, completing this exercise will help reinvigorate your passion, and help build a better, more sustainable (not to mention more profitable!) business.

TIP: Schedule this Delegate and Elevate exercise in your calendar every six months.  It gets easier each time you do it and regularly checking in will help you troubleshoot resources, priorities and trends.  

Finally, a big shout-out to our own EOS Implementor, Debra.  Without her introducing this tool to us we wouldn’t be able to share it with you!

If you’re looking at going a step further, check out our 5-step process to eliminate tasks you shouldn’t be doing in our guide: How to Reduce Your Admin 📕. 

The 5-step process is:

  1. Eliminate
  2. Systemise
  3. Delegate
  4. Measure
  5. Automate
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