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How To Delegate Your Tasks To Elevate Your Time

How To Delegate Your Tasks To Elevate Your Time

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your daily tasks? Do you wish you had more time to focus on what truly matters? Effective delegation could be the key to unlocking that extra time and boosting your productivity. In this article, we’ll explore how to delegate your tasks efficiently and how this can elevate your time to spend working in your zone of genius.


‘Delegate to Elevate’ is a step by step guide, complete with a free template and 4 actions you can take today.

How to delegate your tasks

1. Identify Tasks to Delegate

Start by assessing your workload and identifying tasks that can be handed over (download the guide above for our free matrix template). Look for repetitive, time-consuming, or administrative duties that don’t require your direct involvement.

2. Choose the Right Whos

Select Whos who have the skills and capacity to take on the tasks. Ensure they have the necessary resources and support to succeed. Again we have tools in the guide to help you with this.

3. Communicate Clearly

Provide clear instructions and expectations. Make sure your Who understands the task, the desired outcome, and the deadlines.

4. Monitor Progress

Check in regularly to offer guidance and ensure the task is on track. Provide feedback and be available to answer questions.

5. Review and Reflect

After the task is completed, review the outcomes with your team. Discuss what went well and identify areas for improvement.

Delegate and Elevate - EOS

One of the tools we recommend is the EOS Delegate and Elevate system.  Watch the video below to learn more.

How to elevate your time

1. Focus on High-Value Activities

By delegating routine tasks, you can concentrate on strategic activities that align with your core competencies and business goals. This helps you make better use of your time and expertise.

2. Empower Your Team

Delegation fosters trust and growth within your team. It empowers employees to take on new responsibilities, enhancing their skills and confidence, which in turn can lead to a more efficient and motivated team.

3. Improve Productivity

Distributing tasks ensures work gets done more efficiently and prevents burnout. It also allows you to maintain a healthier work-life balance, ultimately leading to better overall performance.

TIP: Schedule this Delegate and Elevate exercise in your calendar every six months.  It gets easier each time you do it and regularly checking in will help you troubleshoot any creep.

Delegation is a powerful tool that can transform your growth. By finding and leveraging the right Whos, you can focus on what truly matters, on spending your time where you add the most value.

Imagine starting your day with a clear focus on high-impact activities, knowing you have the right Whos to take care of the day-to-day tasks with confidence and competence. Picture the increased productivity and creativity that come from dedicating your time to strategic planning and innovation.

Now visualise a business where your team feels empowered and motivated, contributing their best efforts to achieve collective goals.

By mastering delegation, you not only elevate your own time but also create a thriving, dynamic culture that paves the way for sustained success and growth.




  • Introduction
  • Identifying What to Delegate
  • Finding the Right Who
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Elevate Your Results
  • Troubleshooting
  • Conclusion
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