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How to Achieve Time Mastery (for Mortals)

How to Achieve Time Mastery (for Mortals)

Disclaimer: this post was drafted using using last week’s issue of The Lever “A Jedi’s Guide to Time Mastery”. We repurpose our content with the help of AI in order to achieve better outcomes, in less time. The prompt used was: 

Using the following content from our newsletter, could you write a blog post in a storytelling style, in easy to follow, simple language which would help the reader (business leader) to achieve the same result of mastering their time.  Follow the ‘scenario’ with a clear list of actions. Act as a content marketing expert with 20 years experience. Keep the language simple, empathetic, with a touch of humour. We want our core values of being humbly confident, exceeding expectations, positively determined, socially authentic, ethically honest and trail blazers to come through in the tone so the reader gets a feel for who we are.

Time Master ... Or Mastered by Time?

Ah, the endless struggle between business owners and time. I’ve been there. After 25 years running this company, I totally get it. One minute you’re drinking your morning coffee, dreaming up big plans to change the world. The next thing you know, you’re wondering where the day went as you’re rushing off to yet another meeting. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing – if we want to build the empire of our dreams, we need to stop letting time manage us and learn to manage it instead. We need to become Jedi Masters of our time!

The first step is embracing the wisdom of Master Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” In other words, be intentional with your time. Set aside focused time each day to complete your most important tasks, guard that time fiercely, and actually get them done. No trying!

Three Time Mastery Tools

Next, use these three time mastery tools like a pro:

  1. Automate repetitive tasks to free up time and mental space. Delegate the busywork so you can focus on high-level projects.
  2. Use the Eisenhower Method to prioritise urgently important tasks first. Schedule focused blocks of time to tackle each one.
  3. Analyse your time habits by tracking how long tasks actually take. Identify waste and optimise your schedule. (We use Clockify as our time tracking tool)
The Eisenhower Matrix: How to prioritise your to-do list
[Source] Asana - The Eisenhower Matrix: How to prioritise your to-do list

Finally, don’t go it alone! Even Jedi have trusty sidekicks, like that clever little droid R2D2. Having a talented team in your corner is truly a superpower. A virtual assistant can free you from non-essential tasks so you can focus on high-level strategy.

4 Ways You Can Start Right Now

“I know what you may be thinking – great tips, but I barely have time to eat lunch! How am I supposed to track time on top of everything else?

Try these four steps to success:

Step 1: Pick Just One Area to Work On
Trying to overhaul your entire schedule at once is a recipe to fail. Choose the 1 inefficiency or time-suck task that frustrates you the most. Start there.
Step 2: Observe Your Habits
Spend 1 week tracking how much time you currently spend on that task and when you do it. No need to change anything yet. Knowledge is power!
Step 3: Identify Your Roadblock
Look at your tracking and pinpoint what's making that area inefficient. Too many meetings? Trouble prioritising? Once you know the root cause, you can address it.
Step 4: Transform Your Habit
With the intel from your tracking, implement 1 small change like declining non-essential meetings or setting a daily priority task.
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With just a few tweaks, you’ll be well on your way to total time mastery! We’ve got an easy-to-use workbook if you need a guiding hand.  

The key is focusing on just one small, manageable change at a time rather than overwhelming the reader. Building momentum and confidence, just like training to become a Jedi! 

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