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10x is easier than 2x: we can help you

It’s essential and crucial for the ongoing success of your business and team that you continually evolve and innovate what you’re doing – for you to become 10x better and more valuable in what you offer.

This can’t happen if you’re overly involved in the 80 percent, either micromanaging or just simply doing it all on your own.

Staying in the 80 percent is how you get caught in the mire of mediocrity and quickly race to the bottom of quality and uniqueness. It’s how you stay 2x.

[Excerpt: 10x Is Easier Than 2x]


what makes us unique?

You’re a leader, not a manager.  And that’s why our VBM-centric model is so popular, our clients want to be free to lead.

The VBM assigned to you is responsible for executing your vision, removing you from the weeds of your business and finding the right Whos (in your team and ours) to execute for you.  They manage so you don’t have to.

When you book a clarity call, if we’re the right fit we’ll follow up with a proposal.  This proposal will be customised to meet your needs, and flexible enough to change as your needs change.  And they will, 10x!

You’re on a trajectory to success, we’ve got the team to help you get there.


A VBM is proactive, responsible for your operations.  They ensure the right things are done, in the right way, at the right time, by the right people.  Their role is to manage and improve your operations and systems.


perfect for projects
  • A project manager to execute your vision; ensuring outcomes are achieved on time and on budget.
  • Supporting you with your operations, team, metrics, systems, strategy and leadership objectives.
  • Examples include: systems review, SOP implementation, project management setup, team reviews and feedback, metrics reporting, strategic support and execution


  • 8-week proven onboarding process using applicable EOS tools to set expectations and ROI objectives.
  • A strategic partner working with you as a sounding board to help you execute those game changing ideas.
  • Removing you from the 'weeds' by improving your operations and systems.
  • Your VBM will turn your ideas into projects that are managed to ensure you have the right Whos, achieving the right outcomes.
  • Documented processes and team accountability (and support) to ensure they're followed, and details are no longer missed.
  • Process review suggesting tools and platforms to help you work smarter.


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When you invest in a virtual assistant you’re doubling down on your own value.  By eliminating non-essential tasks from your list you then become free to spend more time on revenue generating activities, more time to pursue your passions and goals.  That’s the return on your investment we aim to deliver.

We know no two businesses are the same so we have options to suit your needs.  This may be a monthly VA retainer, a fixed price project requiring one of our specialists, or a one-off task (help in a hurry).  Whatever your needs, we have the flexibility and the team to help you get to your finish line.

hourly rate

expertise on call
  • A perfect option if you're wanting to try our services before you commit to a retainer, or have a specific task of project you need help with.
  • Examples include: websites, newsletters, templates, inbox cleanup, AI implementation, social campaigns, online courses & launches, Xero reconciliations, marketing strategy, content calendars, branding


  • A dedicated NZ-based Lead VA assigned to you.
  • Backup VA assigned for uninterrupted support.
  • Full confidentiality and protection of your IP.
  • All repeatable tasks documented in shared SOPs.
  • Transparent weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Monthly strategy zoom with Justine.


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for your clarity call

We're ready if you're ready

You started your business to lead with freedom, we can help you achieve that.

In just 15 minutes over a zoom or your phone, we’ll discuss your needs, offer possible solutions, and provide a proposal if we’re a good fit. By the end, you’ll feel supported, heard, and excited about working smarter with a virtual business support team by your side.

This call could change your future!

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