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Case Study

Auaha | Professional conference and business event organisers


When Sandra started Auaha, her business events agency, in 2001, she built it from the ground up.  She established processes and systems that worked for her small team at the time. As the business grew, onboarding new team members and taking on more complex projects, Sandra found it difficult to keep track of all the processes that had developed organically.

As her business evolved and her team grew, Sandra needed to drive change in order to step away from day-to-day operations with confidence.  She recognised the need to document and organise the array of processes to ensure consistency across projects.

After an initial discovery call led to pairing Sandra with one of our Virtual Business Managers, Sue, we clarified her expectations “to restore operational confidence by reviewing, documenting and updating inconsistent processes, managing and supporting the team to improve accountability and consistency of service delivery.”


Sue Balcomb, Systems & Processes VBM, provided a comprehensive 18-month overhaul of the agency’s processes to restore order to their scaling operations. We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify and optimise outdated and inconsistent workflows. Implementing a centralised process library with standard operating procedures ensured consistency moving forward. A tracking system was put in place to monitor process completion and accountability. With streamlined processes and documentation in place, the agency is positioned for efficient scaling, confident onboarding of new hires, and consistent delivery for clients. The business owner now has the operational visibility and trust in her team to focus on big-picture growth initiatives.

  • Services Provided: VBM Retainer Complete overhaul and update of systems and processes, project management and team leadership
  • Timeline: 18 months
  • Project Brief: Complete overhaul and update of systems and processes, project management and team leadership
    • Business owner needed operational confidence by establishing a complete set of current business processes that would hold the team accountable and ensure that projects were delivered consistently and in line with established processes.
    • Full review of business processes
    • Audit, map, and organise current processes
    • Identify outdated processes to archive or update
    • Identify gaps where processes required documentation
    • Set up process tracking on project management system
    • Support team in the writing SOPs
    • Lead weekly team meetings and manage agenda
    • Participate in quarterly and annual planning meetings, manage agendas and track goals progress in project management system




With Sue’s guidance, the project restored order to a chaotic system. Sandra now has full confidence that projects are delivered consistently, new hires can onboard efficiently, and she has the documentation needed to scale the business. She is ready to step back from daily operations and focus on big-picture growth, knowing her team is aligned and accountable.

The impact? Operational efficiencies, role clarity, improved teamwork and an empowered leader ready to take her business to the next level.


  • Quantifiable Results:
    • Completed review of existing Standard Operating Procedures
    • Improved accessibility and accountability of processes by incorporating SOPs into project management system integrated with cloud filing system
    • Updated outdated processes, identified gaps and supported team to document processes
    • Improved team culture and engagement with more focused weekly team meetings
    • Implemented weekly goals tracking
    • Implemented data (scorecard) weekly tracking
    • Implemented continuous improvement culture and processes discipline
    • Over 100 SOPs reviewed, updated and developed
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