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Justine Parsons, founder of Your Virtual Assistant

Hi I'm Justine, proud founder of Your Virtual Assistant.

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Back in 1998, I pioneered the virtual assistance model here in New Zealand, launching Your VA as our nation’s very first virtual assistant provider. 

Fast forward over two decades, and I’m proud that Your VA continues carving pathways as industry leaders, from introducing the first dedicated virtual teams to being the first to specifically offer virtual business managers.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs across diverse sectors. In working closely through growing pains and scaling challenges, I’ve learned many lessons that now lend valuable insight.

Experience has shown me that while starting your own business is thrilling, it can too easily become a 24/7 admin marathon. Over capacity and under-resourced, even the most organised founder can lose clarity of purpose and priority.

Our mission is equipping leaders like you with just the right support systems – tailored teams of virtual experts across critical functions. This gives you freedom to lead.

If you feel you’ve slipped into reactionary mode, partnering with us allows you to regain control of your schedule and focus. Our goal is handing you the guidance and accountability to lead from inspiration once more.

Ready to reclaim your time and focus?

Book a free 15-minute discovery call with Justine, and learn how our tailored virtual support can help you lead your business with renewed clarity and purpose. Let’s discuss how we can empower you to break free from admin overload and reignite your entrepreneurial vision.


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Success is a team sport. Simon Sinek

Our promise

to you

We guarantee

We GUARANTEE that as a client of Your Virtual Assistant you will receive PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT virtual business support services, where we treat your business AS OUR OWN.

We Promise

We promise to PROTECT your IP securely and confidentially and to COMMUNICATE with you honestly and consistently. We promise to look for ways we can help you improve, use the latest technology, and give you the benefit of our collective experience.  

We Strive

We strive to ensure your COMPLETE satisfaction with our service, and although we cannot provide absolute guarantees on outcomes, we guarantee YOUR SATISFACTION.

our team

Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best.

free resources

Check out our resources library for tips and advice to help you across your business.

with us

Discover how we onboard our clients, making outsourcing an easy and pain free experience!

Our Newsletter

The Lever

Our weekly newsletter is called “The Lever” because we’ve observed that entrepreneurs who see the most success are those who focus on areas that give them the most leverage.  

Each week we share our experience and insights.  To help you achieve that same success we’ve seen in others.

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Our Weekly Newsletter

The Lever

Our newsletter is called “The Lever” because we’ve observed that the people who achieve their goals are the ones who master the art of leverage. They identify the field or area where their focus makes the greatest difference.  

Each week we share 1 fact, 1 tip, 1 tool, 1 question and 1 action to help you make a difference too.

The lever newsletter: mastering the art of leverage in your business.
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