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The Best Strategy To Use AI In Your Business

The Best Strategy To Use AI In Your Business

Disclaimer: this post was drafted using using this week’s issue of The Lever “Unleashing the Power of AI in the Workplace”. We repurpose our content with the help of AI in order to achieve better outcomes, in less time. 

How AI Transformed Tom's Consulting Firm

How AI Transformed Tom's Consulting Firm​Tom was drowning. His once scrappy consulting firm ballooned into a 40+ person operation strained under the weight of its own success.

Caught in a cycle of meetings, admin, micromanaging projects and placating clients, Tom flailed to keep up. He barely saw his family or found time to innovate. Working 80 hour weeks was his new normal.

When his daughter asked if he’d ever stop grinding long enough to attend her recital, Tom broke down. Something clearly had to give.

In desperation, he invested in AI solutions to lift some operational burden – project management platforms, automated reporting tools, 24/7 chatbots. He onboarded the latest technologies to handle tedious tasks.

The results stunned Tom. Freed from constant busywork, he suddenly had capacity to focus on higher level strategy again. He attended his daughter’s concert, reconnected with clients, and even napped! With AI seamlessly coordinating behind the scenes, Tom got his work-life balance back.

Now he tells every overwhelmed business leader he meets: Let AI help shoulder your load. The solutions are out there! Don’t drown when automated assistants could help you thrive. Take it from Tom – that sigh of relief when systems sync is the sweet sound of salvation.

Four ways you can start using AI today

Identify 1-2 repetitive tasks that are wasting your team's time (e.g. invoice data entry, scheduling) and explore automating them with AI.
Subscribe to an AI writing assistant like Jasper and use it to generate draft content like emails and reports. Review and customise but let AI do most of the writing.
Use an AI meeting notes tool like tl:dv to free up time spent documenting discussions and extract key takeaways automatically.
Build a personal entrepreneur "assistant" to help with tasks like price comparisons, customer service, and chatbots. Experiment with platforms like Chatbot and Intercom to see efficiency gains.
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The key is identifying repetitive tasks wasting time and leveraging AI to eliminate the inefficiency.

  1. Start with 1-2 small automations
  2. Measure results
  3. Scale up adoption

Remember too, AI works best as a collaborative tool, not as full replacement.  Think of AI like adding another assistant to your team (with much smaller overheads!) which then frees your team to spend more time on the tasks and projects that make an impact for your business.

How Can We Help?

Tamryn at Your Virtual Assistant

AI is changing so fast, and it’s so new … it can be hard for businesses to know where to start.  Safely, ethically, and efficiently.  

So we’ve appointed Tam as our AI Specialist.  To help us, and our clients, execute AI without the wobbles.

Talk to Tam if you too could do with a helping hand.

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