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Our superpower is our team

Working with one of our team means you have full cover, no matter what happens.  Because we document all your procedures, and share those with you, your support isn’t dependent on one person. And if your business grows to the point where you decide to hire in-house, we can help you with the handover.  No stress!

Agency support means we’re a one-stop-shop.  You’re busy and we know you don’t want to be dealing with a number of different companies or contractors to get what you need done, done.  So we make sure you don’t have to.

Our virtual assistants, graphic designers, bookkeepers, social media gurus, website specialists and virtual business managers are seasoned experts, strategists, project managers and … geniuses (if we can say geniuses while remaining humble!).

It is our mission to partner with you in order to help grow your business while giving you the time you need to add value where your strengths lie.  We are focused on outcomes and adding value and while you’ll be working predominantly with the Virtual Assistant, Virtual Business Manager, or Specialist you’re paired with, you have full access to our entire team. 


Our Leadership Team

Justine Parsons, founder of Your Virtual Assistant




What keeps me passionate is being surrounded by positive, brilliant and motivated people, both within our team and in the clients we work with. I enjoy time spent face-to-face with clients, finding out what the next goal is for them and brainstorming strategies to achieve these. I’m also naughty when it comes to shiny bright ideas, that’s where our leadership team keep me on track, focused, and accountable.  I need it!

I love a cold sav on a hot day (or a good book on a wet day) and unwind by making art from driftwood found on early morning walks along the beach.

Nikki, our team at Your Virtual Assistant


Operations & Logistics
Sue Balcomb at Your Virtual Assistant Ltd



My role as Integrator for Your VA is to keep Justine on track while giving her the space to be the visionary for our business.

I’m the one who keeps our weekly Level 10 leadership meetings on schedule, makes sure we’re on track with our quarterly rocks and guide our issues IDS (identify, discuss, solve) process to ensure we keep moving forward.


Nikki, our team at Your Virtual Assistant


Operations Manager

As our operations manager I’m a strategic planner with the essential ability to prepare and help achieve fully documented and executed procedures and processes within the company. 

These processes are our ‘how’ and it’s my role to ensure we’re consistent as a team, both internally and externally.

Marg, our team at Your Virtual Assistant


Finance Manager

I keep an eye on what we spend and what we earn through our mahi.

My primary responsibility as finance manager is to provide our leadership team with weekly numbers so we know we’re on track for the month, followed by our monthly reports with my insights and recommendations.

In short I keep Justine on track!



Virtual Business Managers




Our people

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We're picky

About who you work with

Not all virtual service providers are created equal so we’re pretty fussy about who gets to work with you.  Our application and onboarding processes are designed to weed out the ‘average’, so you have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be paired with only the best VAs, VBMs and specialists in the industry.  

Our proven process for contractors looks like this:



Potential contractors apply based on their values and experience.


Secret Sauce

We have a unique way of evaluating applicants, testing based on their zones of genius. This ensures we find the perfect fit for our clients needs.



We connect with shortlisted candidates, offering only the very best the opportunity to trial with us.


3-Month Trial

Contractors enjoy a seamless trial period to showcase their skills, personality and potential on a variety of internal and clients tasks (under the guidance of our senior team).


Forever Part of the Team

A permanent and valued member of our team, they’re now (and only now) ready to work with you.

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