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If planning an upcoming conference, webinar, or team event has you missing deadlines and forgetting tasks while trying to run the day-to-day, we can help. Our virtual event specialists smoothly handle all the logistics so you have peace of mind knowing your event will run like clockwork.

We’ll handle behind the scenes so you can shine on the stage of your choice.

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Our virtual events services include but are not limited to:

Event Planning

  • Develop event goals and budget
  • Source venues and vendor proposals
  • Create program agenda timelines


  • Manage venue contracts
  • Organise catering services
  • Coordinate parking, transportation
  • Hire furniture, A/V equipment


  • Secure guest speakers
  • Arrange travel and accommodation
  • Schedule speaker tech rehearsals
  • Test presentation compatibility
  • Train on platform capabilities


  • Produce email campaigns
  • Manage social media promotion
  • Create physical and digital invitations
  • Develop branded assets
  • Craft post-event thank yous


  • Design banners, signage collateral
  • Create printed / digital programs
  • Produce badges, lanyards
  • Order supplies, giveaways
  • Design Zoom backgrounds

Participant Experience

  • Design virtual conference environment/spaces
  • Manage online networking opportunities
  • Provide responsive IT troubleshooting
  • Ensure inclusive accessibility standards met
  • Share post-event recap recordings
  • Moderate event community platform

Online Specific Tasks

  • Select web conference platform and develop virtual event scope & goals
  • Create run of show outline and speaker rehearsal schedule
  • Test presentation compatibility and train speakers on platform capabilities
  • Develop online registration process and create website and landing pages
  • Manage email campaigns and moderate social media buzz
  • Provide speaker briefing and cue speakers to keep programming on time
  • Monitor engagement analytics
  • Manage waiting room and break out rooms during sessions
  • Send post-event survey links and provide content download access
  • Email personalised next steps and recommendations to attendees
  • Address attendee follow-up questions and issues after the virtual event


“I was completely thrilled with the outcome. We had 320 registrants and 150 attendees and excellent feedback. Your VA provided outstanding support, from handling the technical aspects and logistics, to managing the speakers and event partners. They really helped to make it a reality.” Chandra Harrison, General Manager, Access Advisors
Chandra Harrison, Access Advisors
Chandra Harrison
General Manager, Access Advisors


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virtual event services

Pacific Mission had run their annual 4-day conference for years – but COVID forced them online. Losing touch with the event’s face-to-face energy worried Kim who sought to reimagine a hybrid access model retaining virtual ease but restoring in-person community. With an exec committee already stretched thin planning content, entering digital event logistics felt daunting.

Joan enlisted an event specialist, to guide the hybrid conference overhaul. Blending virtual room content with local venue coordination, we recommended cost-efficient A/V livestreaming equipment and managed suppliers fitting the non-profit’s budget. Keeping accessibility barriers front of mind, we ensured seamless attendee experiences whether on-site or remote.

The collaborative result exceeded hopes – allowing more attendees nationally to join digitally while prioritising intimate local connections core to Pacific Mission’s ethos. 

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