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Reduce Your Administration in 4 Easy Steps

How To Reduce Your Admin In 4 Easy Steps

Imagine starting your day with no administration on your to-do list! Yes, how to reduce admin is a question many business owners struggle with.

When we work with a new client we apply the following process to their tasks. Both the tasks they delegate to us, and those they retain. In 4 steps we perform an ‘admin audit’ and in doing so both reduce time spent on administration for our clients, and for us on their behalf.

Are you ready to reduce your admin!

Here’s our 4 step Admin Audit process:

Let’s begin by going back through your to-do list for the last week or month. For each task ask yourself two initial questions:

  1. Why did I do this task?
  2. What do I need to do to prevent having to do this task again?

Then follow the 4-step process below to analyse each task to determine whether it could be:

  1. Eliminated
  2. Simplified
  3. Automated
  4. Delegated

Now apply what you’ve learned from above to your future tasks. What changes need to be made, what actions need to happen? Most important of all, what will you do with the time you’ll save that will add long term value to your business.

It’s not about working harder or even smarter. It’s about you doing less admin.

Every repetitive or low value task you eradicate gets you one step closer to where you want to be.

Create the habit, before you start any new task in the future, run it through the steps below:

Step 1: Eliminate

The first step in the system is to determine if the task needs to be done at all. Which were either a waste of your time, or did not offer enough value in return for your investment.

If yes, go to step 2.
If no – eliminate!

Step 2: Simplify

What could simplify the task? What systems, processes, resources or people need to be developed or utilised to make this more effective, efficient, easy and effective in future?

If yes, simplify.
If no – go to step 3.

Step 3: Automate

Can we set up systems, tools, or processes that mean that you don’t even have to be involved? What can you do, so that it all happens ‘automatically’?

If yes, automate.
If no – go to step 4.

Step 4: Delegate

Could this task be delegated? And to whom? Who could do it faster, better, more efficiently? Do you already have someone in place you can delegate to – or do you need to outsource, or employ someone?

If yes, delegate it.
If no – determine what needs to happen for it to be delegated.

Every moment you free up can be used more productively to achieve your goals and liberate yourself for greater things. I’m sure you didn’t start your business in order to spend your days on admin! So stop, the power to reduce or eliminate your admin is in your hands … because you’re the boss!

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