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25 Tasks To Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant

25 Tasks To Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant

“I’m too busy to breathe but not sure how to get started with a virtual assistant”.

It’s a bit like tidying the house before your new cleaner starts, isn’t it?  People think they need to catch up or write procedures before outsourcing to a virtual assistant.  Not so!!  If you were organised enough to be up to date with procedures as they should be, you probably wouldn’t need one!  A virtual assistant is your parachute before you hit the ground … or the runway you use to take that plane up into the air.

Take a look at our free guide: Outsourcing Made Easy to see for yourself just how easy it is to get started with a VA.  For those of you who know you need to be working smarter and are just not sure which tasks a virtual assistant can help with, here are some ideas:

Tasks your virtual assistant can do for you:

  1. Organise your Twitter lists
  2. Update your social media profiles
  3. Connect with clients, prospects and contacts from your social media profiles
  4. Send regular newsletters
  5. Answer your tech questions
  6. Manage your emails!!!
  7. Research and post blog posts
  8. Content marketing
  9. Website updates
  10. Budgeting
  11. Paying your bills
  12. Chasing those slow payers
  13. Filing tax returns
  14. Organising your events, workshops and courses
  15. Drafting correspondence
  16. Giving your forms that professional look
  17. Branding … all of it!
  18. Editing, proofing … in short we’ve got your back
  19. Presentations with impact
  20. Transcribing all your notes
  21. Sending out customer feedback surveys
  22. Supporting your existing team
  23. Capture all those business cards into a database
  24. Manage your diary / calendar for you
  25. Market research .. making sure you have the info you need to make your decisions

There is so much more available in terms of support for you.  A good great virtual assistant can become your right hand (wo)man. Because many of us work with a wide variety of businesses and industries we pick up tips on how to work smarter … and we are constantly learning as the tools available to you change, almost daily.  We can also introduce you to other professionals within our network who could help you.

So, if you’re working away under that constant feeling of overwhelm.  Stop!  Get in touch with YourVA. Then start sending through those tasks. There is no reason in today’s world of available support that you should be bogged down!

For more tasks a virtual assistant can help you with, so you’re spending more time in your zone of genius, download your free guide here.

150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant [free download]
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