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I Need A Virtual Assistant But How Do I Use One?

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“I need a virtual assistant but how do I use one” is one of the most common questions I’m asked.  You most definitely know you need help but what tasks can you effectively outsource in order to achieve your goals.

Absolutely any task you have on your list can be outsourced!  Some of those tasks have your name all over them, they are in your zone of expertise.  But some tasks can be performed smarter, quicker, even better … by a virtual assistant.

150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant [free download]

How a Virtual Assistant Works

Most team based virtual assistant companies have expertise in a number of areas and in our case we team up each of our package clients with a ‘lead VA’ they build a relationship with.  Your lead VA becomes your right hand woman and uses the expertise within our team to make sure you have the right person working on each task.  We’ve done this in order to move away from being VA’s who are ‘jack of all trades, masters of none’ which is what we’re asking you to do in order to reduce your overwhelm and start achieving those goals of yours faster.  We ask our clients to identify and focus on their area of genius and we compliment that skillset.

How to Get Started with Your Virtual Assistant

So if you’re not focusing ON your business because you’re stuck in that hamster wheel please believe me when I say you’re not alone.  Using a virtual assistant doesn’t have to involve a huge amount of time your end and the virtual assistant you choose will be a master of communication so the transfer of the details needed can be painless.  For our package clients we have an onboarding process to make everything easy for you.  For one-off projects we have a template (a project brief) we use to get all the information we need in order to blow you away with the results.  Working with a virtual assistant is as simple as booking a discovery call!

To make it super easy for you we also have a PDF for you to download, 150 Tasks You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant.  Download it and start delegating today (procrastination is not your friend in business!).

150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant [free download]

If you’d like to discuss your particular needs with Justine, simply book a free 20 minute chat.

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