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How To Spring Clean Your Business

How to spring clean your business

Just like cleaning out those junk drawers make you feel good and create space you didn’t have, when you spring clean your business you feel good, and create space!

Whether that’s your clients (gasp!) who aren’t ideal to work with, online filing systems that require a logistical expert to find that doc you need, or your inbox … we see a lot of the before and after affects of a good business spring clean.  

So after a long, wet winter and a particularly tough couple of years for so many of us, let’s embrace the positivity of spring, and carry that positivity into our business.

The benefits speak for themselves!

21 Ways To Spring Clean Your Business

  1. Review your automated processes
  2. Archive your old docs 
  3. Revisit your chart of accounts
  4. Declutter your inbox
  5. Unsubscribe inactive subscriptions (paid and unpaid)
  6. Audit your website
  7. Say goodbye to (less than ideal) clients 
  8. Delete inactive phone apps (and contacts)
  9. Update your 2022 goals
  10. Complete (or delete) those tasks you’ve been procrastinating over
  11. Actually spring clean your office!
  12. (If you haven’t already) make the shift to paperless
  13. Deep clean your email list
  14. Breathe new life into your marketing plan
  15. Scrutinise your brand (does it still tell your story?)
  16. Update your social media profiles
  17. Review your lead magnets, and sales funnels
  18. Get some new plants!
  19. Clean up your expenses
  20. Clean up your revenue streams
  21. Audit your SOPs (procedures) and processes

That’s going to be one busy spring!  You can either:

  • Get some help (hello!) 
  • Prioritise a couple of actions
  • Schedule the actions throughout the year

In doing so you’ll create space for what’s coming next.  You’ll save so much time, and become more productive.  All of these actions will also make you more profitable, freeing you and your team from the clutter that adds noise and ultimately, slows everyone down.

One Action

Choose just one of the above actions and complete or delegate it today.  The finish line is reached one step at a time.

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