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Time To Spring Clean Your Cloud (Part 2)

Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts

Now that spring is officially here, there’s never been a better time to tidy up your digital life.

We’re continuing our Spring Clean Your Cloud series with part 2 where we share tips for tasks 3 and 4 – spring cleaning your social media accounts and your email marketing. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

A reminder… Here’s the process we follow periodically for our spring cleans

TASK 3: Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts

Go through and take stock of what your online presence currently looks like.

  • Is there some copy on your profiles that could be rewritten to sound better?
  • Do you need to tweak the tone and message to more accurately attract your target market?
  • Are you focusing on different services to when you last updated your profiles?
  • Is your brand being represented as effectively as possible?
  • Have the profile options or features themselves changed?
  • Do you have any inactive profiles on social media? If so delete those as a deleted profile is better than an inactive one.

TASK 4: Spring Clean Your Email Marketing

Segment your lists

List segmentation allows you to target readers with more relevant content than you would with a one-size-fits-all blast email. This could be something as simple as sending an additional email to more engaged readers, or as complex as using location data to send powerful geo-targeted messages. Using groups and tags as opposed to lists is also a way to avoid duplicating subscribers which both annoys subscribers and costs you more.

Update your email template

If you’ve been sending the same emails for a long time, slapping a fresh coat of paint on your template might catch your readers’ eyes again. Now that the majority of emails are opened on mobile devices, you should also consider whether your emails are optimised for smaller screens.

Some email programmes have heat maps or show you where on your email links are clicked. Use this data to improve your templates going forward.

Update your automated emails

Automated emails can be an easy way to deliver relevant content, but when they’re so easy to set and forget, it can be easy to neglect them. Are your sequences achieving your goals? If not, review – update and constantly measure. We’ve just updated the email sequences for our own lead magnets and already the changes are paying off.

Organise your email program

Most importantly, spring cleaning is about de-cluttering: keeping what’s working and getting rid of what’s not. Have you ever hunted for an old newsletter or email sequence and you just can’t find it? Take 15 minutes now to file your emails into folders, organise your lists and delete unused templates.

A tidy office … and a tidy cloud all help you work more efficiently and effectively. Make it a priority, schedule the above tasks into your calendar … or let’s be honest, this probably isn’t where you should be spending your time. So if you’d like a “done-for-you” approach to your spring cleaning, email me and we’ll do it for you!

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