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Why Transcriptions Are the Way of the Future

Transcriptions go hand in hand with video recordings, and video over the last few years is something every business has had to get better at!

As video conferencing becomes an essential part of business communication, there are a number of benefits to using transcription as part of our day to day operation.  

The Benefits of Transcription

  1. By not having to take notes during your zoom you can be fully present for the conversation.
  2. Using a recording to document minutes ensures no key points are missed.
  3. Transcriptions make your content accessible to people with hearing impairments and serve your listeners in a format that is digitally inclusive.
  4. Use transcriptions to repurpose your podcast interviews for social media posts and show notes.
  5. Transcribe your videos for captioning purposes.

Content You Can Transcribe:

  1. Webinars
  2. Zoom meetings
  3. Podcast episodes
  4. Marketing videos
  5. Dictation
  6. Conference calls
  7. Speeches
  8. Workshops
  9. Audio recordings:
    1. To Dos
    2. Emails
    3. Blog articles

By making information shareable, searchable and accessible, transcriptions boost your value.

Free Transcription Tools

Google Docs Voice Typing

This dictation tool is as simple as it gets to use for either live or recorded audio conversations. All you have to do is open up a Google Doc, select Tools and then Voice Typing (⌘+Shift+S). Then a microphone icon  will pop up, where you can select your language. When you’re ready to transcribe, you click on the microphone and it turns orange once it’s recording.

Google Live Transcribe

If you have an Android device, then you have access to this free transcription tool. This speech to text tool doesn’t get any easier. Simply install, load, and begin. The app will transcribe in real-time, and you can choose from different languages and dialects, add custom words, among other features. It will save a transcription for you for 3 days, so you would need to copy and paste it into a document to keep it permanently.

Paid Transcription Tools is an AI-powered transcription tool where you can opt for either a free or pro plan. Per month, the free plan offers 600 minutes of transcriptions, 3 imports, up to 40 minutes of transcription per recording, a meetings summary and a collaboration hub. With the pro plan (US$12.99/month) you get 6,000 minutes of transcriptions per month, unlimited imports, a custom vocabulary, advanced exports to PDF, DOCX or SRT (a closed caption file), and prioritised email support.


Trint is another AI-powered tool with a wide range of plans, designed for individuals and teams or enterprises. Their pro team plan (US$68/user/month) works for 2-10 users. It offers unlimited daily transcriptions, shared workspaces, collaborative multi-user editing, and the creation of public links so you can share read or comment only copies to others, while keeping your information secure.


Scribie has two options for their transcription services: automated and manual. With their automated plan, which costs US$0.10/minute, you upload an audio/video file which gets transcribed by their AI tool, with an estimated turnaround of 30 minutes, with 80-95% accuracy (which decreases to 80% for accented speakers, 60% for noisy audio and less than 60% for poor audio), audio time coding and speaker tracking. Your transcription also comes with exports to a Microsoft Word document, SRT/VTT closed caption files.

The manual plan is transcribed manually at US$0.80/minute, with an estimated turnaround of 36 hours with 99% accuracy, audio time coding and speaker tracking. You can also pay an extra US$0.50 per minute for any of the following features: strict verbatim, accented (non-American) speakers, noisy or poor quality audio, and exports to SRT/VTT files.


Rev works similarly to Scribie’s manual plan, with a file upload that’s transcribed by a professional editor. Rev estimates a quick turnaround of around 12 hours, costing US$1.25/minute, with a 99% accuracy. There is no extra charge for multiple speakers, accents or difficult audio. Rev also provides instant quotes with estimates of cost and delivery times.

It’s worth noting that all of these services (except for Scribie) have an app for your phone.

Whether you use a tool for free or for a fee, there are so many tools you can use to automate valuable processes and give you more time to focus on productivity!

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