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Why clients are willing to pay top dollar for a VBM

Why clients are willing to pay top dollar to hire a VBM

There comes a time for every successful business owner when management gets in the way of growth.  Scale isn’t possible without people, and systems.  A VBM manages both and in doing so gives the owner the time and space needed to do what they do best, which in 9/10 cases isn’t managing their operations … it’s leading with ideas and the company’s vision.

Here’s a look at the organisation chart:

Organisation chart without a VBM

If we take a close look at the client (we’ll call him Andy); he’s grown his business to a healthy 6-figure revenue, has a small team and works with a strategic coach.  He’s put in massive hours to get to this stage, often at the expense of his personal life.  But Andy’s ambitious, he knows if he wants to succeed, the hours are necessary.

But those hours have taken a toll.  Enter overwhelm and the realisation he needs someone to take his ideas and vision, execute the plan and get results.  Andy needs space to let the ideas flow; a manager who keeps him focused, who’s ‘jam’ is to build better systems and take care of the details.

Andy is ready to let go of the daily noise and put his trust in a  VBM who will set him free to focus his time and energy on the things only he can do to grow his business.  

And that’s why he’s willing to invest in a virtual business manager.  Because being free to focus is a priceless return on investment.

Organisation chart with a VBM

Andy’s example is based on our experience of where clients are at when they come to us. 

We’ve put together a guide which goes into more specific reasons why they’re willing to pay top dollar for the outcomes a VBM delivers which you can download here:

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