When You’re A Jack Of All Trades

September 6, 2017

When you’re a jack of all trades, being the master of ‘some’ can get buried in the day to day.  It’s not easy being a master when you’re wearing so many hats in your business (at the end of the day, stuff needs doing!).

[my journey] Some years ago my business consisted of me.  I was very much a jack of all trades and spent more time upskilling than I did charging out my time.  Jump forward a couple of years (my business mentor helped me see the light) and I had pulled together a team of master’s.  They spend their time doing what they do best, leaving me to focus on what I do best – which in my case is talking to and supporting our clients and ensuring our business keeps abreast of change.

[back to you]  How much time each week is spent on tasks you are the master of?  Tasks only you can do?  Hopefully you’re thinking, “I’ve nailed this.  I block out 3 days every week to work on business development/writing content/onboarding new clients/coaching …”  If you’re indeed that person, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  It’s not an easy road to travel to get there, you’ve obviously been blessed with some discipline, planning, forward thinking and focus.

  • If you’re still spending your days/weeks/months being a jack of all trades, stop!
  • Sit back in your chair for a minute.
  • Close your eyes!
  • Imagine a day where you’re doing what you do best – what only you can do.
  • Now, imagine six month’s down the track.  How does your business look now you’re a master – and you have a team of masters.
  • What would you have achieved?

[my journey] Using our team as an example, when it was just me I did a great job for our clients.  I could do graphic design, accounts, website changes, blogging, email campaigns, admin …. get the picture.  I could do it all.  But changing to a team dynamic, we now do the same tasks faster, with a much better result.  If I compare the graphics I did in Photoshop to those Lisa does now – well, there is no comparison!

[finishing up – with you!] To close, hone your particular skill.  Be a master at what you do, and what you spend your days doing.  It’s more efficient and productive to outsource skills that take you a long time to do, that frustrate you, and that take your time away from what you’re so good at.

You have a successful business BECAUSE you’re a master, now take your business to a new level and be that master ALL THE TIME.

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