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When I Took A Holiday

My perspective on our services

I wanted to take a minute to post while wearing the hat of a client of our own business.  Something I recommend every business owner does from time to time!

For the past 5 years I’ve been lucky enough to actually take a break and recharge my entrepreneurial batteries.  Each year one of our virtual assistants has covered for me, meaning I could take time off without worrying about day to day operations.  They have covered for me brilliantly and without them I wouldn’t be able to step away for any length of time.

What’s changed this year is I have Sue as my Integrator (otherwise known as a virtual business manager).  Supported by Nikki, our Operations Manager, for the first time while away we changed tact.

Instead of simply covering day-to-day operations, we continued to accept discovery calls and onboard new contractors. The result being three new VBM clients and one new contractor on trial while I was away.

Instead of simply covering, our growth continued. 

That’s the difference between a virtual assistant and a virtual business manager.  A VA covers your emails and routine tasks, while a VBM is part of your leadership team.  Vested in growing your business and meeting goals.  With the ability, mindset and experience to support that growth.

We’re often asked exactly what the difference is and in reflecting on the last three weeks I am so thankful to have these incredible ladies as part of my leadership team.  And so proud of what we offer as a service when these talented VBM’s are given the confidence, support and authority to do what they sign up for when they take on a client.

If you’re a bottleneck in your business (like I’ve been guilty of), don’t have the confidence to step away from your business for an extended period of time, or simply stuck in the weeds of your business.  Consider what I’ve had the benefit to experience first hand.  A virtual business manager by my side.

And here’s some photos of our travels, as we experienced the lower half of our beautiful South Island.

Justine 👍

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