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How Our Team Approach To Planning Improved Our Results

How a team approach will easily improve your annual planning success rate

Let’s look at a team approach to planning, because a plan is only as good as the ideas and knowledge that goes into it. A collaborative team approach will definitely improve your plan itself and the results after.  Here’s an insight into how we arrived at that decision.

November 2019 (going it alone with crickets)

Justine was approached by a business looking to self-implement EOS to ask about our Virtual Business Manager support.  Curious about EOS she downloaded the free tools and diligently worked through them over the next few days.  By herself.

Excited and motivated, the new VTO (Vision Traction Organiser) was printed, filed … and tabled for ‘the right time to implement’.

Then, like so many of you … crickets.  Because she’d done the planning by herself there was no one holding her accountable for actioning the VTO, or even communicate it to our team.  Working in the weeds meant the plan started gathering dust.

March 2020 (a team approach to planning)

Fast forward six months and we started working with an EOS Implementer.  Our first planning day took place with our leadership team and again we used the EOS tools.  The difference between Justine working through these herself and using a team approach produced a completely different plan.  

With the team’s input our values, issues, quarterly rocks and goals became a vision we arrived together.  

Here’s the difference between the two:

One Persons Vision

  • One dimensional
  • Inhibited by self-limiting-belief
  • No accountability

Team Approach

  • Multi-dimensional
  • We pushed each other outside the box
  • Supportive and collaborative discussions
  • Some uncomfortable discussions!

January 2022

Our leadership team comes together weekly to review our plan, and progress.  We revise it quarterly and annually together. 

Our plan is a success because it was created by, is executed by, is accountable to, and communicated amongst and owned … as a team.

Since we started working together, planning as a team, and using EOS we've accomplished things I never would have thought of myself. Some of these that come to mind are:

  • We've introduced an annual profit share incentive
  • Raised contractor rates funded by a client increase (first in 3 years)
  • Pivoted from a VA company to a virtual business support agency
  • We're hitting our revenue goals and most (though not all!) of our weekly scorecard
With this team approach we've transitioned from an owner-operator model to what will be a big business if (when!) we achieve our BHAG of: To be New Zealand’s most respected VBSA (virtual business support agency) with 500 happy contractors by 2030.

Take Action

If you haven’t already used a team approach for this year’s annual plan:

  • Choose your team.  Decide who knows your business. Who share your values and vision.  That can be all or part of your existing team, your coach, your accountant, your VA or VBM.
  • Schedule a day to review or create your annual plan.
  • Turn up with an open mind and remember to speak last!
  • While you plan, think big.
  • Finally, put your accountability measures in place.  Make sure the plan lives and adapts as your business does.
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