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So You’d Like A Career As A Virtual Assistant!

So You'd Like A Career As A Virtual Assistant!

Are you crazy?

Just joking!

Over the years our enquiries from would-be VA’s have changed.  Initially, I’d get an email almost weekly from business-savvy people wanting advice on starting a VA business.  Over the last few years as more VA’s have moved their business models from sole trader to a team dynamic, we’re approached by mums wanting to get back to the workforce, corporates wanting off the treadmill, or VA startups wanting experience through contracting.  I love the change, it’s good for us as we’re always looking for would-be ninjas to join our team.  It’s good for the VA industry and good for you would-be VA’s, whether you simply want the work without having to run a business or the experience gained so you can start your own business.

Why WOULD you want a career as a virtual assistant?

If you’re contracting for a good virtual assistant or online business manager team, benefits are:

  • Flexibility of working from home.  If you haven’t tried it – do it!  No commute, no wearing shoes, no water cooler chatter (does that still happen?).  If you’re a night owl, work nights – if you hit the ground running in the morning, work a couple of hours in the morning before breakfast (in your pjs!!!).
  • Ability to control your income.  In working the hours you choose your income is flexible, if you upskill then with most VA’s there’s still a ladder you can climb to increase your rate.  We are open to our team having their own clients, so when it comes to income you have the ability to control it.
  • Support of a team.  Even virtually, if you choose a company with a good team culture you’re not working alone.  We have our fair share of laughs – more than!  Choose your VA company wisely and you’ll be part of something special.
  • Client relationships.  Most VA’s are fairly choosy about who they work with (we are!) and what keeps us coming back to our desks day after day is the clients we work with.  You’ll build relationships with your clients that last for years, you share their business journey (smiles and tears!).

You need NOT think about a career as a VA if:

  • You’re an idiot!  (again, joking)  Seriously, as with any role you need a carefully crafted balance of intelligence, skills and attitude.
  • You don’t really like dealing with people.  It’s a service industry and particularly with being virtual, your ability to deal with people is critical.  So, your personality, willingness to please, sincerity and a genuine like-ability come under the microscope.
  • Communication is everything.  Many of the clients you’ll work with as a virtual assistant are busy, stressed, overwhelmed and racing through their to-do list.  (They are also funny, friendly, ambitious and passion-driven!) Being clear, consistent and accountable in your communication helps your clients think they can come to you with anything, and you’ll handle it.  If you can’t do that, this industry isn’t for you.
  • You’re reactive rather than proactive.  One of the biggest requirements of being a VA is having the ability to think outside the square.  You are not a temp but a partner in crime who sees efficiencies, opportunities and improvements where your client may not.  If you are happy having everything spelled out to you and don’t possess a lot of initiative… there are better roles for you than VA ones.

Still keen?  Honestly, speaking as a VA/OBM there is no better job.  You get flexibility across your work, you’ll work with amazing people who teach you as much as you teach them, you have the ability to find the work-life balance you’ve been missing… and you get paid for all this! What more could you ask for?

If you’d like to join us at #TeamAmazing, there’s a process.  We survey you with an in-depth questionnaire, then we test you, then I talk to you, and if you’re still hanging in there we trial you for a month.  Don’t want to scare you off, but this is to ensure we get the cream of the crop and it gives you a good feel for what’s involved.

Want to work with us?

Simply visit our careers page and fill in the questionnaire.  We go from there!

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