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Service Spotlight: Website Maintenance

Service Spotlight: Website Maintenance

Why Monthly Website Maintenance Matters

Don’t underestimate the value of monthly website maintenance.  Your website is your online window to the world.  It’s how your future clients find you, and forms the basis of whether or not they chose to work with you.

So you know how important it is that’s it’s functioning well.

Site maintenance is the process of keeping your site up-to-date, running smoothly, and performing optimally.

Benefits of Regular Site Maintenance

  1. Risk prevention saves you money in the long term
  2. Protection against hacking, malware, and other security breaches
  3. Attract new customers, increase sales, and boost online presence
  4. Avoiding costly and embarrassing errors
  5. Minimise downtime
  6. Improves your website performance
  7. Delivers a positive user experience
  8. SEO and Google Ranking optimisation
  9. Compatibility and Responsiveness
  10. Backup and Recovery
  11. Protects your brand reputation

Poorly Maintained Sites

Ultimately a poorly maintained website with security issues, performance problems, and usability flaws, can deter visitors from taking desired actions.  Including:

  • making a purchase
  • submitting a form
  • or signing up for a newsletter.

This can lead to reduced conversions and revenue generation for your business.

Your Maintenance Checklist

Steph's Tips

When we have a new client wanting edits made to their site, it saves so much time if it’s been maintained.  If it’s running on an outdated system, then in order to create the new features, backups and updates need to be done before proceeding.  This can cause an array of issues from incompatibilities which affects the cost and turnaround of your edits.

You can avoid this by future proofing your site with monthly maintenance.

TIP 💡 Check that you have backups in place
This is important, especially if you have automatic updates turned on for your website. Sometimes updates can break functionality, and you need to be able to revert to a working state so your website stays visible to site visitors. If you aren’t sure if this measure is in place, you can get our team to check this for you.

TIP 💡 You’re entitled to full access of your site!

I can’t tell you how many clients pay for regular maintenance through their website designer but don’t know what they get for this. Or worse, we go in to make edits to find it hasn’t been updated in months.

You are entitled to full administrative access of your website, it’s your site.

We’ve linked to two free tests you can run your site through in our free site maintenance checklist.  How does your site score?

Your Turn

If your website isn’t regularly maintained there’s no time like the present.  Do download our checklist now and see how your site is performing.

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