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One Winning Action Your Business Needs From You

One Winning Action Your Business Needs From You

Today I want to give you a win. One action you can take today that will make a difference today … and beyond.

I want you to form a habit.

Here’s why. By forming a habit goal today you’re setting yourself up to be intentional, to be clear about what you’re going to achieve and why this is important, you’re also setting up the action needed to get there.

We touched on habits last week in our article “Struggling trying to focus on that one thing”. This week we’re going to dive deeper so by the end of today you’ve created a habit that’s going to get you where you want to be.

You Ready?

  1. Write down your smart goal.
  2. Write down your habit goal.
  3. Set yourself up to succeed with your habit. Use an app designed to help you such as one of the Habit Tracker Apps reviewed in this article.

That’s it! You’ve created one winning action today that is going to change your business.

Example of a Habit Goal

Here’s an example of above I’m doing at the moment.

  1. Write down your smart goal: To attract 3 new package clients by the end of August 2019 in order to give the two new contractors we’ve taken on the hours they need. We’ll achieve this by being more strategic and more present on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  2. Write down your habit goal: Spend 30 minutes every Monday to Friday morning engaging on LinkedIn using Helen Pritchard’s 5 day challenge starting on 1st July and do it for 66 days straight.

At the end of August when I review the actions and habits I’ve used to achieve (hopefully!) or not achieve my goal I’ll measure how effective this particular habit has been and make any changes needed. But I will continue the habit.

Each habit goal should include:

[source: Michael Hyatt]

  • Start date: This is when you intend to begin installing this habit.
  • Habit frequency: This is how often you will observe this habit. It could be daily, specific days of the week, weekly, monthly, and so on.
  • Time trigger: This is when you want to do the habit. It could be a specific time each day, week, and so on. This makes it easier to become consistent if you can do the habit at the same time.
  • Streak target: This is how many times in a row you must do the habit before you can consider it installed and check it off your list. (Keep in mind that, on average, it takes 66 days to install a habit. I typically round this up to at least 70 for good measure.)

So, what habit are you going to set today?

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