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How To Organise Gmail To Save Time

All The Hacks You Need To Transform Your Gmail

We all know and love Gmail. If you’ve used it for what feels like forever, you surely know your way around it. But it’s constantly changing trying to improve our user experience, and there are many things you can do on Gmail that you probably don’t know about.

Organising and customising your inbox will help you save time, so without further ado, here are all the hacks you could ever need to transform the way you email.

ūüĎȬ† This article is the second part of the series on systemising how you use Gmail.¬† The first article covers the best gmail add-ons and extensions.

ūüĎȬ† You can also download our free guide here, “10 Email Hacks To Master Your Inbox”

Settings To Organise Your Gmail Inbox

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 Settings to Make Your Emails More Efficient

Gmail Shortcuts To Speed Things Up

Email Templates (Settings > Advanced > Templates)

If you often send the same kinds of emails, it can be helpful to have a template saved within Gmail for you. Then in an email, under more options, you can use the canned responses options where you can save drafts as templates, or use one of your previously made templates

Keyboard Shortcuts (Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts)

You can use Gmail’s hotkeys, listed here to save time, just ensure you turn them on in your settings. You can also customise these by going to Settings > Advanced > Custom Keyboard Shortcuts.

Search Terms and Filters  

There are some great ways to get the most out of Gmail’s search, because it doesn’t matter how organised we are, sometimes we all need a hand to find that elusive message. You can use a long list of search terms that you can find here or here, and don’t forget about their advanced search!


You may not have realised this, but next to the send button there is a small arrow that allows you to schedule your message for another date/time.¬† This can be a great way delaying send if you’re working on emails over the weekend or at night and don’t want the recipient to feel they have to respond straight away.

Remove Text Formatting

If you’re copying and pasting content from another source, it may bring the original formatting with it, which can be annoying. When you copy text into an email, select it then click the arrow to the far right of your toolbar, then choose the top icon (a t with a slash through it) to remove the formatting and display the text in your default font.

Protecting Your Emails In Gmail

Self Destruction

With Gmail, confidential mode is your best friend for protecting sensitive information. Creating emails that ‘self-destruct’ or expire after a set date is a great way to keep your message from being forwarded, copied, printed or downloaded. By clicking the padlock icon on your toolbar, confidential mode will pop up, giving you the option to set an expiration date/time. Your recipient will then receive a warning of when the email will expire.

Password-Protected Emails

Also within confidential mode, you can send encrypted emails that require a Google-generated passcode for access, which can be texted to your recipient.

Account Recovery: Settings > Accounts and Import >  Change Account Settings

In case you didn’t set this up when you created your email, or you haven’t updated in a while, it’s important to ensure you have strong recovery settings in place to deter attempted hackers. This can include security questions, recovery emails and two-factor authentication.

Last Account Activity

By simply scrolling to the bottom right corner on your inbox homepage, you can find out the last time someone was in your account. You should have a small text reading: ‘Last account activity: x hours/minutes ago.’ If the time doesn’t match your activity or someone with granted access to your inbox, you can click ‘Details’ and Gmail will show you all of the IP addresses that have accessed your account and the type of device being used.

Gmail Tools For Busy Boss's

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