Organise Your Inbox

$495.00 + GST (NZ only)

  • If you’re frustrated about the time you are spending on emails …
  • If you’re worried you’re not getting back to people quick enough, or worse, missing important emails completely …
  • If you feel like you’ll never get on top of your inbox and find a system that works, then Inbox Clean-Up will solve your problems.

With some organisation and systems set up, each morning you’ll open your inbox to see a handful of important emails to action

And that’s all you’ll see.

You’ll still be able to find everything you need to run your business, but you’ll have organisation on your side.

A clean, tidy, systemised email system that works for you.  Imagine that!


Although a completely empty inbox (also called “inbox zero”) might be unrealistic for many of us, setting up an email system can make us more organised, and help eliminate stress.  Our Inbox Clean-Up gets you to a point where keeping on top of your emails is a breeze.

This one-time clean and organisation includes:

  • 2 strategy zoom calls
  • 5 hours organising your inbox
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