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How To Onboard and Qualify Your New Clients

About your virtual assistants

Setting a great first impression as you convert your prospects to brand spanking new clients is everything, this experience sets the expectations and tone of your relationship moving forward.  Yet for so many busy businesses, this is an area that tends to be done on the run …

  • Did you remember to send invite Sam to the Dropbox folder you’ve(hopefully) set up?
  • Are you following John on his social media profiles?
  • Have you set up a recurring invoice and monthly report for Emily?
  • Did you remind Frances you have an initial Zoom meeting next week and you need his questionnaire back before then?
  • Is Paul loaded in your CRM, with the correct tags?

A lot of this can be automated, making the admin time-friendly and efficient.  But if you don’t already have a process here’s how we do things here … hopefully it will help you to filter out those prospects who aren’t a good fit for you, wow those who are a good fit with your brand/efficiency/attention to detail, save you time (both now and in the future) and ultimately, delight your new client … not to mention make things easier for your team.

Remember too, the workflow can be customised to suit your business as can the tools.  If at all possible use existing tools and software so this process integrates with the rest of your business systems … less is so often more!

Our onboarding process for new clients looks a little something like this:

This screenshot shows the two task templates we have set up in our project management system for new VA clients, we’ve split it into two templates (prospect and new client) as different members of the team are responsible for the two projects.  I own the prospect, whereas the lead VA assigned owns the new client project.

We use a number of tools and systems throughout this and drilling down on the projects above have the notes, attached files and templates each key player needs for that task.

Automation Workflow (for VA prospect process)

  1. Prospect clicks on through from website or landing page to book a free discovery call [Wordpress, Instapage, Outlook Booking Calendar]
  2. The prospect is loaded into our project management system and CRM which triggers an email from Mailchimp asking them to fill out a survey prior to our chat [Proworkflow, Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey]
  3. Open project in project management system using the project template shown in screenshot above [Proworkflow]
  4. Hold free discovery call [Skype, Zoom, Phone, Messenger – prospect preference]
  5. Send out customised email sequence following discovery call [CRM], resulting in the prospect going ahead with us (hopefully).   This sequence includes (in various emails):
    1. eBooks to help the client outsource the right way from the get-go
    2. Letter of engagement
    3. Comprehensive questionnaire (shared with the VA assigned)
    4. Initial invoice
    5. Calendar invite for initial strategy skype
    6. Close ‘client prospect’ project and open ‘new client’ project.

Since setting this up over a year ago we’ve been able to qualify who we work with and once they’re on board we have the information needed for background on the client.  Both parties have had the opportunity during this process to be clear and transparent around expectations and new clients start their package with an understanding of smart-outsourcing and confidence around partnering with their new VA or OBM.  Win – win!

We’ve customised versions of this process to work for a number of our clients, setting up the project template in Asana, Workflowmax, Basecamp … even an Excel spreadsheet in one case.  I really hope there’s something you can use in this article, to wow your own new clients.

If you’d like to experience the workflow firsthand and explore how working with a virtual assistant or online business manager can help you grow your business, simply click here to book your discovery call with me.

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