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How To Minimise Risks With Offshore Contractors

How To Minimise Risks With Offshore Contractors

There are many reasons to outsource to offshore contractors, the biggest one being that it can significantly reduce your costs. 

In order to benefit from offshore support, your business does need to recognise and actively manage the risks involved.

The Risks When Working With Offshore Contractors

  1. Communication Challenges: Effective communication is crucial for successful collaboration. Language barriers, time zone differences, and cultural nuances can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and errors in project execution.

  2. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent quality standards can be challenging when overseeing work remotely. The lack of direct supervision and above communication challenges may result in variations in quality, impacting the overall project outcomes.

  3. Data Security and Intellectual Property Concerns: Sharing sensitive information and intellectual property with offshore contractors can raise data security risks and the potential for unauthorised use or disclosure.

  4. Reliability: Assessing the reliability and track record of offshore contractors can be challenging, leading to uncertainties about their capabilities.

  5. Dependency on External Factors: External factors such as political instability, natural disasters, or economic fluctuations in offshore regions can impact project continuity.

How To Minimise These Risks

The Selection Process

Conduct comprehensive due diligence when selecting your offshore contractors. Evaluate their track record, reputation, expertise, and financial stability. Seek references and feedback from previous clients to ensure their reliability.  Online freelancing and VA sites make this easier by listing earnings, reviews and portfolios for you.

Communication and Expectations

Establish clear communication channels and set realistic expectations from the beginning. Ensure that both parties have a shared understanding of project requirements, timelines, deliverables, and quality standards.

Set milestones so you can see their work throughout your project, rather than waiting for completion.  

Draft detailed contracts that outline project scope, milestones, payment terms, confidentiality clauses, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting

Maintain regular communication and monitor the progress of offshore contractors closely. Request frequent progress reports, conduct periodic meetings, and address any issues promptly to avoid surprises and keep the project on track.

Quality Assurance and Control

Implement robust quality assurance measures to maintain consistent quality standards. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and conduct periodic quality audits to ensure the deliverables meet the required benchmarks.

This is relevant whether you’re outsourcing a one-off project or are working with a VA on repeatable tasks.  Schedule regular catchups to ensure you are both on the same page. Like any team member, with an offshore contractor you need to invest in creating a relationship.

Risk Contingency Planning

Develop contingency plans to address potential disruptions such as natural disasters, political instability, or supply chain interruptions. Have backup options in place to minimise the impact on the project.

Data Security Measures

Prioritise your data security by implementing secure data-sharing protocols and using encryption where necessary. Define access controls to limit data exposure to authorised personnel only.

This can include a non-disclosure agreement and using a password vault.  For example we use Last Pass where it’s possible to share logins without your contractor seeing what that login is.

Regular Performance Reviews

Conduct periodic performance reviews of offshore contractors and provide constructive feedback. Recognise and reward good performance to motivate and maintain a positive working relationship.

Continual Improvement

Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your risk mitigation strategies and learn from past experiences. Adjust your approach as needed to enhance future engagements with your offshore contractor(s).

Taking Advantage Of Low Hourly Rates

This is one thing we feel strongly about, and have talked to many business owners who feel the same.

Ethics around low hourly rates.

Because you can hire expertise at $2 per hour doesn’t mean that you should.  Pay what you can afford, and what the task or project is worth.  We’ve used offshore resources on behalf of our clients, and paying fair rates makes all the difference.  To them, and to your finished project.

Offshore Contractors vs Local Virtual Assistants

Local Virtual Assistants

Local virtual assistants often have a broad skill set and can adapt to various tasks and industries. They are highly capable of handling complex assignments and functioning as an integral part of your team, offering valuable support and expertise.

  1. Executive Support: Managing your calendar, scheduling meetings, expenses, and coordinating travel arrangements.

  2. Email and Communication Management: Handling and prioritising emails, responding to inquiries, and managing communication on behalf of you.

  3. Project Management: Organising and overseeing projects, tracking progress, and ensuring deadlines are met.

  4. Research and Market Analysis: Conducting in-depth research, gathering data, and providing insightful market analysis.

  5. Data Analysis and Reporting: Analysing data, creating reports, and presenting findings in a clear and actionable format.

  6. Financial Management: Assisting with budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

  7. Content Creation and Editing: Writing and editing content for blogs, articles, or marketing materials.

  8. Social Media Management: Planning, creating, and scheduling social media posts, as well as monitoring engagement and analytics.

  9. Client Relationship Management: Maintaining relationships with clients, handling client inquiries, and ensuring client satisfaction.

  10. Business Development Support: Identifying potential leads, conducting outreach, and assisting in business development efforts.

  11. Event Planning and Coordination: Organising events, conferences, or webinars, including logistics and coordination with vendors.

  12. Human Resources Support: Assisting with your recruiting, onboarding, and HR-related tasks.

  13. Technical Support: Providing technical assistance and troubleshooting for software and tools used in your business.

  14. Presentations and Reports: Creating professional presentations and reports for internal or external use.

Offshore Virtual Assistants

  1. Data Entry and Data Processing: Routine data entry tasks, such as transcribing information from physical documents to digital formats or processing large datasets.

  2. Software Development and IT Services: Software development, programming, testing, and IT support tasks.

  3. Administrative and Back-office Tasks: Back-office functions like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing, and administrative support.

  4. Content Creation and Marketing: Content writing, graphic design, social media management, and digital marketing tasks.

  5. Data Analysis and Research: Data analysis, market research, and industry-specific research projects.

  6. Creative Services: Tasks like video editing, animation, illustration, and audio production.

  7. E-commerce Support: E-commerce tasks such as product listing, order processing, inventory management, and customer feedback management.

  8. Translation and Localisation Services: Language translation and localisation tasks for websites, software, or documents.

Note: also check for new AI tools which are another option. 

Outsourcing Made Easy [free guide]


Whether you choose to work with an offshore or local virtual assistant or specialist, this guide will help you minimise any potential risks.

So you get the very best return on your investment.

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