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How to Leverage Your VA [ROI for Agencies]

How to Leverage Your VA [ROI for Agencies]

Any agency owner is well aware of the challenge of balancing new clients with team capacity.  In order to leverage your VA as a return on your investment, you need to know first what the lack of resources is costing you (financially and physically).

Does this excerpt of a recent discovery call questionnaire ring any bells for you?

“Time spent doing things that don’t require me to do them. Sourcing new business, sourcing the network of freelancers to support the new work, effectively servicing current clients whilst bringing on board new ones…and personally – fear, lack of motivation / feeling overwhelmed.”

Leverage your VA ROI for agencies

During our discovery call we discussed the following possible solutions:

  • a flexible team of experts to address capacity issues.
  • a virtual business manager (VBM) working alongside her to manage the agency’s operations
  • monthly strategy sessions to measure ROI

The Goal: Leverage your VA

Leverage VA support in order to match team capacity with client workload

This agency needed a long term solution to the chicken and egg problem: client vs team.

The agency owner had also made some bad hires under pressure, resulting in her being pulled back into the weeds to rectify mistakes (and deadlines missed).  This factor alone was a big contributor to her feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. 

She’d become a firefighter, shifting from proactive to being reactive.  Time to shift back!

The Solution:

A flexible resource of qualified experts to address the missing resources in the interim.

As new clients were onboarded, our VBM set up each project and assigned our VA’s to relevant tasks.

At the same time our recruitment specialist opened applicants for the new freelancers needed to meet new client demand.

We tracked our time using their client codes, in their ClickUp account for ease of invoicing.

With templated systems set up around best practice, onboarding, customer delivery and recruitment, quality of service was once again something our agency owner was proud of.

The Results: A return on investment of $4,270

The agency charges a standard monthly retainer of $3,400.

Using our VA team to deliver components of the retainer is a monthly investment of $2,220.

Having freed her from operations and client work to bring in new business, the agency brought in 3 clients in our first month of working together. Delivery was shared between her existing team of freelancers and our VAs.

How we measured ROI

One Action

Being clear on your ROI will help with your decision making on whether to hire within or outsource.  

How can you increase your agency revenue without feeling overwhelmed, or affecting customer service?  What would the return on investment look like for your agency?

If you are looking at boosting your agency resources you may find this article a good read, “The 75 Best Digital Marketing Resources for Agencies“.

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