How To Keep A Customer Complaint Log – And Why!

July 1, 2015

Whether you manage a large company or are a sole trader, your customer complaints are invaluable.  No business is perfect and errors are a learning experience – believe me, I’m learning.   By documenting your customer complaints you will turn negative into positive, resulting in a more profitable business.

The negative value of customer complaints

  • Complaints cost you money via credits and lost sales
  • Complaints cost you time in resolution
  • Complaints not dealt with to your customer’s satisfaction are discussed with their friends and colleagues
  • Complaints can cause stress or low morale

The positive value of customer complaints

  • Complaints resolved effectively can increase customer loyalty
  • Complaints show you where your procedures need to be changed to reduce repeat errors
  • Complaints reported to you represent numerous other people who had a similar issue but didn’t tell you
  • Complaints are a chance to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.
  • Complaints show your clients how your business deals with a problem
  • Complaints made (and resolved) on social media are seen by your wider networks
  • Complaints can identify product improvement, training needs and modifying promotional material
  • Complaints resolved generate great word of mouth

How to keep a customer complaint log

Your customer complaint log is a simple record valuable in making sure complaints are handled in a timely manner and do not slip through the cracks. The log provides a learning tool to discover trends and for teaching employees.  Your log should include the following:

  • The company name (if B2B)
  • Contact details of the complainant
  • Date the complaint was made
  • How the complaint was made (social media, email, phone, walk-in)
  • Description of the complaint
  • Person responsible for complaint resolution
  • Status through to resolution
  • Date of resolution
  • Complainant contacted – feedback from complainant
  • Complaint closed

Review your complaint log regularly to see what trends or patterns exist and where countermeasures should be taken to prevent future complaints.

If you would like a copy of a customer complaint log template, email me and I’ll send you my Excel version.

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