Every Superhero Needs a Good Sidekick!

December 3, 2015

You’ve done amazing work with your business.  You’ve kept your expenses down and have built up a healthy client base.  You’ve done all this yourself, because … you are a superhero!!

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It takes careful management of your work-life balance, the ability to learn new tools and systems quickly, a willingness to work while most normal people are sleeping and drive … lots and lots of drive.  Superhero stuff!

In order to move your business to the next level though you’re going to need a hand. Batman had Robin to watch his back, the Lone Ranger had Tonto and you … well your trusty sidekick is out there.  In this article I’ll take you through:

What you need to do before you take on a sidekick

Robin wouldn’t have been much use to Batman if he didn’t know what his mission in life was.  Save the world from dastardly crooks?  Easier done with resources, a cover, guidance and training.  You are the same oh superhero!  In order to motivate your sidekick to love your cause as much as you do (and they need to), you’ll need to do some homework first.  You don’t want your sidekick to be able to go down the road and put gas in your car, you need them to wash it – service it – equip it with your superhero tools and put gas in it.  By letting them know your goals, your mission, you are enabling them to become a forward thinking partner in crime – they will go above and beyond because they know where you are going.

So here’s some tips:

  • Have a business plan in place
  • Identify your goals and the resources needed to achieve these
  • Know your financials, what is your budget, your cashflow, your forecast
  • Know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are (you need Robin to compliment you, not duplicate you)
  • Look into your crystal ball.  Where will you and your business be in a year’s time if you continue to be a lone crusader
  • Draft your ‘perfect’ job description, then add in the extra tasks you are currently doing
  • Draft your sidekick’s job description, include personal qualities you are looking for, skills, KPI’s and a wish list of tasks.  Prioritise the wish list as what you hand over depends on your budget and the handover itself

Am I asking you to spend hours you don’t have planning and drafting the above.  No way!  But make some notes, talk to your accountant, talk to your coach or mentor and know exactly what you want your business to achieve and what you need on a personal level.  By doing this you can finally move away from the do it yourself mentality and enjoy a partner in crime.

Overwhelm, frustration, quality issues, slow growth – none of these are superhero qualities.

Passion, motivation, joy, success, pride, rewards – now we’re talking!  There’s also that little goal of saving or changing the world – it’s possible! 

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