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Are You a Visionary or an Integrator?

Are You a Visionary or an Integrator?

There are two main types of leadership styles: visionaries and integrators (also known as Online Business Managers). Ideally, a balanced partnership between these brings out the best in both leaders. A strong business needs both in order to thrive, but it’s extremely rare to find one person who excels in both. Visionaries are often what we imagine classical entrepreneurs to be like, and is commonly the business founder, whereas integrators make great CEOs and managers.

Find out whether you’re a visionary or an integrator so that you know what qualities you need to look out for to perfect your business.

You’re a Visionary if…

  • You’re creative, innovative and a big picture thinker
  • You’re intuitive
  • You’re good at solving creative problems
  • You’re goal-oriented and good at identifying goals
  • You’re focused on relationship development
  • You’re good at thinking of new ideas for products, services etc.
  • You value company culture
  • You’re aware of your industry environment, such as your competitors
  • You’re driven by emotions more than logic
  • You can be impatient or impulsive
  • You can get bored easily and burn out faster

You’re an Integrator if…

  • You’re organised and focused
  • You’re detail-oriented
  • You’re realistic and consistent
  • You’re good at prioritisation and enforcing structure
  • You’re accountable and good at holding others accountable
  • You’re good at following through and executing strategy
  • You’re skilled at dealing with crisis, high pressure situations or conflict
  • You’re good at problem-solving and handling obstacles
  • You believe in quality
  • You work to stabilise your business
  • You’re driven by logic more than emotion

Working with Debra from Business Traction this year as we’ve implemented the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) into this business has meant we now have a strong leadership team and a scalable structure in place. Knowing the value of having the right people in the right seats, each of us working in our own zone of genius has allowed us to make certain progress in an uncertain year.

So if you haven’t already, look at recruiting the yin to your yang, to compliment that of your own. You won’t look back!

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