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A Day in the Life of a VA: Meet Renee

Some people just have that gift where they make you smile.  Renee is one of those people and her clients regularly send through emails letting us know just how much she’s appreciated by them.

In today’s interview with Justine we ask Renee:

  1. Why she wanted to be a VA 
  2. Her challenges
  3. Highlights and why she loves what she does
  4. Her advice for anyone thinking about being a VA

So without further ado, meet Renee.  To know her is to love her!

A 'normal' day for Renee looks like this:


Stupid alarm goes off (most days I hit snooze but there are some mornings that are the exception) Wake up, brush teeth and make bed. Spend some quiet time with my husband, praying and discuss the day ahead.


Have breakfast, clean the kitchen, get the girls ready for school, shower and change. Switch on my computer and check emails. Look at the meal planner to see what is on the ‘menu’ for that night, take out what we need from the freezer.


Take the dog for a walk, listen to an Audible book, have some ‘me time’.


Hang the washing, do a 15 minute clean (I try do this every day so that I keep on top of the housework and frees up my weekend when I would normally clean).


Write a to do list of what needs to be done work wise, work solidly.


Eat lunch and then take some time to sit in the sun and read a book. (I have recently learned that I need this time to refresh my brain).


Work solidly!


Say hi to my girls, wash up their snack boxes from school have a quick catch up and then go back to work.


Keep working (if there are no after school activities) If there are activities to go to, I take my girls to them.


A mixture of work and cooking dinner…


We gather around the kitchen (tv off or on silent) and catch up with each other, highlights of our days and discuss with our children what their school day was like. Collectively clean the kitchen and clean it. Bath times and a quick clean and tidy up of the lounge (have you guessed yet that I am a bit of a clean freak?!)


Help the littlest wind down for bed, settle down to a good book or a Youtube video ( I try not go on a screen as I am screened out by this time of night) Generally collapse in a heap from a busy day with a cup of tea.


Get ready for bed, read a devotional or book and just relish the feeling of being in my favourite place, my bed. Reflect on my day and doze off to prepare for another busy day!

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