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8 Characteristics of a Virtual Business Manager

8 Characteristics of a Virtual Business Manager

Do your characteristics mean you’d be a good virtual business manager?

For that matter, what ARE the characteristics needed?

A good VBM is more than a skillset – it’s a mindset, you’re the thought and implementation partner for your client’s business.  Thinking of their business as your own.  

Consider this, client A takes on a VBM who can perform the role based on their skillset, on paper they have what it takes.  But their character means they don’t have the confidence to tell their client no and keep them focused.  Instead they enable, struggling to meet the expected outcomes because they’re trying to manage multiple projects which keep changing as the next bright shiny object gets their client’s attention.  

Client B takes on a VBM who can also perform the role on paper.  Unlike our VBM above, she operates with the business mindset and has the confidence to keep her client on track.  Rather than constantly changing priorities and adapting to new shiny objects which undermine the projects, she tables and manages these ideas.  She has the confidence to say if we do this the consequences are …, and in doing so directly has an impact in the success of the business.

The Difference between VA and a VBM:

Virtual Assistant: 

  • Reactive
  • Task orientated
  • Task ticker
  • Requires direction
  • Less work for more clients

Virtual Business Manager: 

  • Proactive
  • Project & Management orientated
  • Manager
  • Take initiative & work independently
  • More work for less clients

Whereas a VBM derives satisfaction from identifying goals and creating the task list, the VA loves sinking their teeth into the work and checking items off the list.

8 Key Characteristics of a VBM:

  • You create organisation out of chaos
  • Strategic business growth excites you
  • When an idea is shared with you, you naturally start thinking about how to execute it
  • You enjoy using systems and procedures to get things done in the most efficient and consistent way
  • Delegation, communication and leadership is second nature
  • You’re tech savvy with online tools and software
  • You turn ideas and concepts into practical actions and plans
  • Rather than a yes-man, you know how to ‘manage’ clients to keep them happy while focused and meeting expectations (theirs and yours!)

Take our 3-minute quiz to find out whether you have the potential to become a VBM, saying goodbye to task-ticking and time-tracking and hello to providing higher value services to fewer hand-picked clients. This short quiz will help you discover whether this role is a good fit for YOU:

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