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8 Branding Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

8 Branding Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Branding mistakes have been made by the very biggest companies.

When the No. 2 burger chain debuted its “King” mascot, executives undoubtedly thought the quirky campaign would increase sales. Apparently it never occurred to anybody that creeping people out probably won’t make them hungry for fast food. Net effect: Burger King slipped to No. 3.  Lesson: Any idiot can get attention; the trick is to drive buying behaviour. [Source: Top 9 Brand Blunders of all time]

Here are 8 branding mistakes you should avoid:

Small businesses cannot compete on budget with large companies when it comes to branding. However this doesn’t mean that small businesses can’t successfully brand, and to a certain extent, compete with larger businesses. The key is taking advantage of the things we do best, such as building relationships with customers and going the extra mile. Build these strengths into your brand.

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