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17 Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

17 Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

Are you spending your time working in your genius zone?

Do you finish each day feeling like you achieved what you set out to?

Is your to-do list filled with tasks you want to do, that only you can do?

If you’ve answered no to any of these, then you have tasks you could be outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to reclaim time that can be put towards more rewarding goals. It’s a way to scale without taking on the risk and cost of employees, a way to reclaim your work life balance, a way to grow your business by making sure you have expertise on tap.

Without outsourcing, you can easily become overwhelmed by all of the tasks you and your team need to keep up with to maintain your business, meaning you don’t have any time left over to dedicate to growth.

So, what tasks can you outsource?

Anything outside of your zone of genius should be outsourced.

  1. Social Media: Hiring someone to help out even for 30 minutes a day with customer engagement on social media can make a huge difference. Outsourcing your social media can be as simple as that right through to planning your strategy.
  2. Email Support: Imagine how freeing delegating your emails would be, knowing everyone is being responding to in a timely manner.  Only those emails you need to reply to yourself are what you’ll see in your inbox.  
  3. Customer Support: It’s not only your inbox you can outsource, customer service can be something your clients rave about with the level of service they enjoy with dedicated outsourced support (plus FAQ’s, content ideas … your inboxes are a gold mine of opportunity).
  4. Marketing: Delegating aspects of your marketing can help you be consistent, and grow your brand. From content and digital marketing to lead generation and SEO, outsourcing to a specialist can add value short and long term.
  5. Graphic Design: For a professional look to impress outsourcing these tasks can help you grow your brand, save you time, stand out and give your assets the wow factor.
  6. Web Design: Whether you need to add a page, a product or a blog post or do a complete audit and makeover.  Your website is your shop window but it’s something you possibly don’t have time to maintain, even regular plugin updates can save you from being hacked or your site go down and is very easy to outsource.
  7. Research/Data Collection: Need help researching facts for a white paper, doing market research for product development or pulling together analytics for a report, outsourcing will help you get to the finish line faster.
  8. Copywriting: Delegating your content writing can have a positive impact on the quality of your sales funnel assets, blog posts, social media and SEO assets.
  9. Editing: Similarly, to improve the quality of your copy whether or not you decide to outsource the writing, having a third party editor proofread blog posts or articles can relieve some pressure. You can even hire an editor to edit videos, podcasts and other audio content.
  10. Transcriptions: Chances are, transcription isn’t the best use of your time! Transcribed audio or video content for you to easily switch for different uses is a helpful thing to outsource. If applicable, you can even hire someone to take notes or minutes of important meetings, which can take off a huge weight load and allow you to be fully present.  Note recorded zooms means they don’t even have to be at the meeting!
  11. Data Entry: To ensure data entry like order processing, indexing, scanning and cataloguing gets done faster and more accurately, look into outsourcing as an option.
  12. Tech Support: Having someone to help out with your IT services can also ease a lot of pressure of being well-versed in new technologies and solving problems for your team.
  13. Bookkeeping: By outsourcing your financial management you can rest easy knowing your accounts and tax preparation are taken care of, regardless of your budget.
  14. Human Resources: Outsourcing your human resource requirements can save costs whilst ensuring that your employee relations are still taken care of.  Plug Alert! We have specialists on the team to help you with this … and all other tasks mentioned.
  15. Payroll: To avoid complaints or errors that could harm employee morale, passing on your payroll to a third party can help payments process efficiently and accurately.  This frees up your admin (or you) at the same time.
  16. Recruitment: If you feel you’re too busy to find the perfect fit for your team, having someone take care of recruitment and onboarding is a great place to look into outsourcing.
  17. Admin: Admin tasks notoriously pile up. From document management to organisation, reports and more, there is never a shortage of admin responsibilities. If this is becoming too much of a burden for you, look to a VA for help in lightening your workload.

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