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10 Reasons Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

10 Reasons Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

It’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle to forget why we love doing what we do. My husband’s had a nasty health scare this week (why is it so often something so critical that makes us pause and take stock?) which has me slowing down to think about why live is good. Right up there is being lucky enough to do what I love, here’s why … and the purpose in this article is to get you too to stop for a sec, and appreciate the now!

  1. I can chose who I work with and for. My team is handpicked and they’re amazing, even virtual we have a culture I’m proud of. Our clients are on fabulous journeys that we get to be a part of.
  2. I control my income and my destiny. The buck stops with me, if I take a risk and it pays off … I win. If it doesn’t (and many don’t!) I learn from it so I don’t repeat my mistake.
  3. I can work from anywhere, any time.
  4. I can make sure when emergencies happen and life gets bad, there are people on my team who can step up so I can deal with life without it impacting our clients and our business.
  5. I have no commute! Meaning I can walk the dog along the beach every morning and still be at work when I would otherwise be sitting in traffic.
  6. I love being the kind of boss I wanted to have as an employee. Yes when we make a mistake (and we do) I get that sick feeling in my stomach and I front up, apologise, and put right the wrong. But I also get to pass on the wins and the feedback when we do right. I’m proud of my team and our service, therefore I’m proud of what I am as a boss.
  7. I change lives. I love that we give our clients their time back to work in their genius zone, I love that we compliment our client’s skills with our own and most of all … I love that we help our clients do good and change their client’s lives.
  8. I enjoy the support of other entrepreneurs. Instead of competition there is collaboration, the virtual entrepreneur’s space is a good space to be in.
  9. I am happy.
  10. I’m never ever bored. Each day brings a new challenge. Each day I learn something new. Each day there’s another opportunity.

So tell me, what do you love about being an entrepreneur? Also, download your free eBook here to learn more about entrepreneurship and how to transform your business.

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