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Take The Task Test

Take the task test

In order to be super clear on how you SHOULD be spending your time, it’s important you take a few minutes to think about what you’re doing now and what you should be doing instead.  This is a great exercise to do every six months; ideally, you want to be seeing improvement in boxes 2 and 3 (tasks you shouldn’t be doing).

The task test
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SQUARE 1: What are you doing in your business that you WANT TO DO?
SQUARE 2: What are you NOT doing in your business that you WANT TO DO?
SQUARE 3: What are you doing in your business that you DON’T WANT TO DO?
SQUARE 4: What are you NOT doing in your business that you DON’T WANT TO DO?

The goal of this exercise is to honour your own time and how you prioritise it.  By seeing the tasks in the above square you can now plan.

  1. Circle the tasks in squares 1 and 4.  Those tasks are what you should be doing, they are contributing to your business.
  2. Now circle the tasks in squares 2 and 3.  These are what you want to see removed from your box the next time you do this exercise; these tasks are not contributing to your business or your passion in what you do.

By identifying and delegating tasks in square 3, you’ll often free up the time, energy and motivation to do more of what’s in square 2!

Pin the square where you see it every day as a reminder that the quality of how you spend your time is in your hands. 

Consider this, you have the time to achieve your goals. 
You just need to prioritise how you spend your time.
It’s YOUR time!

The source of this exercise comes from a Fire Nation podcast I listened to (which is well worth the listen) featuring Sam Horn.  

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