Spare A Thought For The Social Unseen

August 1, 2018

Each day most of us check our newsfeeds. We are motivated, inspired, educated, entertained and tempted by the influencers and social-savvy business owners who do Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn so very well. Many of them have a team behind them yes, but those who rise to the top are present personally and invested in their social strategy.

Then there’s the social unseen.

Those who think they SHOULD be doing social but they’re caught up in the day to day, and there are only so many hours in a day.

They’re delighting their clients with their knowledge, service and support and in doing so … are they any less successful?

If you’re beating yourself up about what you SHOULD be doing, don’t!

If you’re meeting your goals and succeeding in growing your business … perhaps (gasp) you don’t need social.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not essential to success.

For many of us, social media is more part of our marketing strategy but a way to connect, learn, be inspired and even another tool in our toolbox of business operations. It can make things easier, smarter, quicker, better.

If you are doing social media and not getting the ROI results, why? Take a good look at what you’re doing, why you are doing it and how often it’s done. If you need to leverage social media in order to meet your goals, then get the resources or skills you need to make it happen.

Otherwise, remember there are millions of business owners out there you don’t see in your newsfeeds who are at the top of their game. Doing what they need to be doing to reach those heights.

It’s about making informed decisions for the right reasons about your social strategy.

It’s about what’s a good fit for you and your business.

It’s about backing yourself and being a leader, however you chose to lead.

My point (yes, I can see you wondering where I’m going with this!) is to think for a minute about your social strategy … or lack of.

Are you:

Socially unseen and happy to be: Continue as you are!
Killing it on social media: Continue as you are!
Being killed on social media: Look at the reasons why and do something to change the trend. Bring on experts, delegate in order to devote more time to being social, develop a social media strategy (chances are if the results aren’t happening for you it goes back to planning) but change something in order to change the results.

Spare a last thought for the social unseen, chances are they are getting on with their business … and killing it!

And a disclaimer, an advocate of social media and a firm believer in it’s benefits, I go off the radar when it’s hectic here at the coal front. I have a team of ladies who could jump in to bring my consistency back up to where it should be … but they are with me at the coal front. I make a decision to prioritise certain things over social media because being present isn’t always essential to our success. I wouldn’t make the same decision for some of our clients as for some their success depends on being visible. That’s what I love about business, no two are the same!

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