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What Does A Virtual Business Manager Do?

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Two questions I’m most commonly asked about Virtual Business Managers are ‘what does a virtual business manager do’ and ‘am I ready for a virtual  business manager’.

To answer the first question:

What does a virtual business manager do?

If a virtual assistant is your office administrator, think of your virtual business manager as your office manager or department head.  Also known as an integrator or an online business manager (OBM), a VBM is a virtually based professional managing online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members, and metrics.

The VBM gives you as the owner permission to be the Visionary and serve your clients, plan your company’s growth and future, and use your own zone of genius to its fullest potential.  We create space so you can fully step into your role and do what you do to change the world!

To see how this is works in action listen to this podcast where Amy Porterfield talks to her own integrator, Chloe.

Are you ready for a virtual business manager?

Yes, you're ready for a VBM if this sounds like you:

When you started your business, you did it all. You had to be the visionary, the manager and the staff. You knew it wasn’t your best fit, but you could do it in the startup phase of your business.

Then you hired someone to take care of the routine day to day work, you delegated what you couldn’t do and shouldn’t do to a virtual assistant. But you were still wearing two hats, that of a leader and that of a manager.

Now, your business keeps growing and you spend way too much time managing and not enough time leading and serving.  In order to scale (and enjoy life!) it’s time to grow your team.  Doing so will grow your business and give you both the time and space you need to take it there.  To change the world!

No, a VBM might not be a good fit if:

As an entrepreneur, to get the benefits from a virtual business manager you need to be a leader.  A visionary.  For that to work the following behaviours will undermine your VBM:

  • micromanaging
  • poor communication
  • inability to set goals
  • inability to let go

That’s not you though!

Your business needs both a Visionary and an Integrator to be successful, and you can’t be both for sustainable growth and a healthy balance. As the Visionary, you need a virtual business manager to implement and drive your vision, and your VBM needs you to lead the company’s direction and strategise its future. Each of you working in your own zone of genius.

So if you’ve hit the ceiling and know something needs to change in order to take your business (and your life) to the next level, talk to Justine.  Book your free discovery call here.

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