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How To Create A Business That Can Survive Without You

How To Create A Business That Can Survive Without You

Ok, so hopefully you’re not about to get hit by a bus!  But, what happens if you take a holiday, (gasp) get sick, or on a more positive note, want to scale your business to the next level?

You can take holidays, get sick, get hit by a bus!

You simply need systems and processes in place for all areas of your business (easy right – right!). Is your intellectual property:

  • In your head or well documented?
  • Filed away in a various unused folders or incorporated into your daily routines?
  • Saved where you can access in a mere minute or is it a case of “I know I have this somewhere!”


Why document your systems?

Knowing WHY you need to document your systems is the first key to systemised success, which in turn will lead you to the stage of having more time to do what you love doing. Actually it will lead you to that critical stage of having time to do what you should be doing in order to have an efficient and profitable business.


How to document your systems?

Knowing HOW to document your systems isn’t hard. It can be as simple as recording your screen in a simple Loom video as you go through your daily tasks.


What to do with your systems!

Knowing WHAT to do with your systems isn’t rocket science either. We have clients using Asana, Evernote, Drive, Dropbox, WordPress, Process.St … the list goes on.  Then it’s a matter of linking to these in your checklists and projects. It’s a matter of making them searchable using tags or a master-list so everyone can find them, any time (from anywhere).


Finally, when to review your systems!

Knowing WHEN to review and improve them is when the magic really kicks in. With technology changing so rapidly there’s a good chance that what was a manual process last month can now be automated using artificial intelligence, a tool, or a zap to integrate the moving cogs.

Knowing you have your business systems documented helps set you up for change and we are entering a time where change is the new black (more than ever before).  If you’re not ready you’ll be left behind; but be ready and you’ll lead the way with confidence … have that holiday … and scale that business of yours!

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