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5 Self-Maintenance Musts For Busy Business Bosses

5 Self-Maintenance Musts For Busy Business Bosses

Well, didn’t 2017 fly by!  As we hurdle towards 2018 it’s time to catch your breath and take some time to get yourself in the best possible shape to take on the coming year.

Yes, there’s a lot of business development to be done … budgets, marketing plans, goals (none of which write themselves) but in order to get your head in the best possible space here’s some must do’s for you over the break.

1. Spend some time away from your digital devices

Yes, I’m talking about going through digital detox (gasp)!  We’ve all read about the importance of this on a weekly basis but the end of the year is a biggie, spend time with your family and friends and cut those strings to all devices.  This is your time to relax and recharge, you can’t do that without a complete break from everyone else’s demands.  I’m the worst at digital detox although at the beginning of 2017 my best move was turning off all notifications and alerts on my laptop and phone, unplugging and going analog will force you to be present in the moment and help reset your own system.

2. Make some personal SMART goals

How do you want to live in 2018?  What needs to change?  What will an ideal day/week/month look like?  Now’s the best time to start driving change to live life the way you want to and setting some smart goals is the first step to achieving this.  Without planning you’ll find yourself looking back on 2018 feeling the same as you’re feeling right now … so think about what needs to change and what actions you need to take to make it happen.  Imagine putting your feet up with a drink in hand come end of December with a huge smile on your face, being absolutely wrapped with what your life is looking like.

3. Download some tools and resources to support you in the year ahead

When you do plug back in (digitally) use your phone for good … wellbeing and mindfulness are two areas big businesses are focusing on in the upcoming year, and making these a focus of YOUR everyday life can’t hurt right!  I have problems sleeping, nighttime is when I get my best ideas!, so I downloaded Headspace at the beginning of the year.  Their sleep meditation changed my life.  Here’s some more resources recommended by Arianna Huffington’s book “Thrive”:

  • RESCUETIME: for Macs at (or free on Android): gives you a readout tracking your online activity at the end of each day. Then you can set goals to keep you focused based on this info.
  • DIGITAL DETOX APP: (another android app): not for the faint hearted, force your phone to shut down for a set period of time ranging from 30 minutes to one month, NOT reversible. I dare you!
  • HEADSPACE: (free download for iphone & andriod): It makes mindfulness understandable and relevant.
  • CHOPRA CENTER MEDITATION PODCAST: (free on iTunes): Resources for aspiring & experienced meditators including a collection of 24 free podcasts. Listen at home, in the car on on a walk to bring more mindfulness to your day
  • CALM.COM: (free from or iTunes app store): When a client has you ready to rant, watch waves crashing, brooks babbling, snow falling … you get the picture … and chill.

4. Spend time on your WHY

While you’re sitting back with your feet up, go back in time to when you decided to start your business.  What excited you … and is that feeling still there?  If you’re spending 50/60/70+ hours a week working it’s super important you love what you’re doing (and why you’re doing it).  Redefine your purpose, it will raise your motivation and happiness levels if you stay focused on the why.

5. Carve time for you, stay healthy (and sane) this year

You’ll need to prioritise, maybe even say no to some requests of your time, but if you’re not doing this already make time to do something for you every day.  For me it’s a walk with the dog along the beach at 6.30 each morning (to do which I had to say no to early morning skypes).  But whether it’s the gym, riding your bike, taking your kids to the park at the end of each day … do something that gets you active and sends those happy endorphins surging through your blood stream.  Going for walks (now that I’m sleeping!) is when I practice mindfulness and being in the moment rather than rushing back to start tackling my to-do list.  It also gets my head in a great space to start the day.

That’s it!  I really hope this helps you to put your best foot forward in the year ahead … let’s make it amazing (for both of us).  We’re getting older, quickly, but hell we’re getting wiser with it! To make your year amazing, download your free guide here to learn about outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

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