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Your Content Repurposing Workflow

Your Content Repurposing Workflow

Creating content is hard work for most of us and can be expensive in terms of your time and resources. So why wouldn’t you leverage the bejeezus out of the content you have created!

Note: I’ve shared our Content Repurposing Template at the end of this article to make this super easy for you to implement the workflow that works well for us.

Here’s an example of our process for repurpose both our own, and our client’s content.

Step 1: Inventory Content to be Repurposed

In a spreadsheet, create an inventory of all existing content. This includes your:

  • Videos
  • Blog Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Magnets
  • Online Courses
  • Client Resources
  • Webinars & Lives
  • Books and Guides

Step 2: Evaluate Content to be Repurposed

Login to your Google Analytics (GA) account and navigate to Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages.

Sort the pages by Pageviews and you’ll get a sequential list of the most popular pages on your website.

Then use a tool like BuzzSumo to see which evergreen content is getting the most shares on social media.

If you see a trend of content driving a lot of traffic to your website, for example a series of blog posts or video, consider bundling these into an eBook or course. This is content that’s hitting the mark with your audience. BuzzSumo (or similar) will show you engagement around these pieces of content so you can capture the language and key points on comments for your landing page and social posts promoting the eBook or course.

Enter these measurements into your inventory spreadsheet, this will help you prioritise content to be shared. Depending on the type of content depends on the score you give it. For example you may score your most popular blog post 10/10. You may also score a Facebook Live attracting a lot of engagement 10/10.

Step 3: Plan Your Content

Based on the data you’ve captured in your spreadsheet, you can now plan on how you leverage your content. Think about each stage of your ideal buyer’s journey:

In your spreadsheet, note which stage of your buyer’s journey each piece of content relates to. This will be critical for both knowing where to repurpose and which types of content to repurpose as:

Using all the information you now have in your spreadsheet, you can plan your content calendar … remembering to mix new content with pieces you’ve repurposed.

By repurposing you also have the benefit of efficiency. Knowing what you’ll need as image posts, eBooks, challenges etc … you can batch these tasks and have your VA or in-house content team create them. So your content assets are created ahead of time and ready to use.

Step 4: Repurpose Your Content

We got there! Now build your inventory of assets by systematically repurposing your content, sharing and measuring its performance. As you accumulate more data on your content you can continue to fine-tune, creating more new content pieces based on what you know is performing well and continuing to repurpose those in the future.

Ideas For Repurposing Your Own Content

  • Turn a guest post into a live video Q&A
  • Turn a podcast into a blog post
  • Turn a webinar into a SlideShare
  • Turn a SlideShare into an Infographic
  • Turn your post into a video
  • Turn an eBook into an email sequence
  • Turn a video (or blog) into a podcast
  • Turn popular videos and/or articles into a product
  • Turn statements or actions into quotes
  • Turn a challenge into a drip-feed email
  • Turn quotes and statistics into graphics
  • Turn video snippets into gifs or stories
  • Turn a white paper into a series of blog posts
  • Turn your best content into a resource library
  • Turn relevant sections of content into answers on Quora
  • Turn a how-to article into a cheat sheet

Download your copy of our Content Repurposing Template [google spreadsheet] on our resources page.

And remember, if you want the done for you approach, we’re an email away!

Download your free guide here on how to repurpose your content!

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