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The Four P’s In Business

The four Ps in business
  • People
  • Passion
  • Processes
  • Productivity

It’s one hell of a to-do list but nothing was ever achieved by thinking small.  We’re ready to redefine how a little kiwi virtual assistant business is going to take this world by storm, one business owner at a time.

I have some tips for you below so you too can ignite those you work with and for.  But before I do that, here’s what we’ve been doing:

People: I want every person who comes into contact with us to feel special, feel valued.  We’ve always focused on adding value when or where we possibly could (duh – we’re a service-based business, that’s our job) but this year I wanted to go a step further.  Every member in our team is tasked with over-delivering and it’s my job and that of my senior team to make sure our processes back this up.  So prepare to be wowed!

Passion: We’ve started making changes and doing even more to make sure our passion for what we do is felt by you.  Tell me … do you get up in the morning feeling like today is going to matter?  That today you’re going to make a difference? I do (most days!) and the people I surround myself with in business help feed that feeling.   If I can get one thing done each day that gets me a step closer to my goals, smile and have a laugh along the way and enjoy who I’m interacting with… then my passion is being fulfilled.  Hey, I still have my moments… but underneath it all I have a passion for what I do.

Processes:  I caught up with a client this week who’s identified formalising his core processes as a priority this year.  The man already works like superman so this is an ambitious (but totally achievable) goal and when I asked him what drove the decision, it was like he’s been to one of our own team meetings!  Consistency, best practice, ability to delegate, empower his team… all benefits I cheerlead!  One thing I’ll say, and it’s something that’s come up for us, is once you’ve got your processes out of your head, think carefully about how to integrate them into your day to day operations.  That’s been our challenge and that’s something we’re still working on.

Which brings me to Productivity.  We’re reviewing our own processes with a magnifying glass and putting steps in place to make us be more productive as a team.  We’re doing the same with our service procedures.  Why?  Because I want to be able to guarantee that when we do a survey for you or a newsletter or a launch sequence… that we’re utilising the latest and greatest technology and approach.  That no matter who on my team carries out the service, we’re consistent, efficient and, something new… that we’re not basing these key services on time per task.  We are going to be able to say, “oh a survey, we’ll need this from you and you’ll achieve this outcome for this cost”.  Boom!  Our being more productive will improve your business, that’s a promise.

On a side note, documenting these has meant we’re able to offer fixed price products for the first time. I’ve just started adding these to our site this month so stay tuned, we’ve got some great ideas I’ll be adding as ‘done for you’ products.

Ok… enough about us!  Scroll down for some tips you can implement to make your days (and your business) better.

3 ways to improve your pleasing people skills

Pleasing People

Nope, I didn’t say people-pleaser; apparently not a good thing (though there’s worse things to be!).  As Walt Disney once said, “Just do your best work, then trump it”.  

If you’re wanting more tangible ways to delight, take a quick look through these articles and make a list of actions that you can implement over the next few months:

>> 23 ways to amaze and delight
The standout for me amongst this list was tip 11 (followed closely by #8).

>> 10 ways to make customers fall in love with your business
This article has more of a marketing tone but tip 4, be authentic, is a given.  How often do you come across someone insincere (or slick for want of a better word) and your radar starts beeping.  Particularly on social platforms, I think we all need to encourage and promote those who are authentic, honest, transparent and sincere.

>> 25 ways to thank your customers
How would you feel if we discounted your invoice ‘just because’ (which we’ve done) or received a book in the post (which I’ve had done to me) as a thank you/we’re thinking of you.  You’d feel valued… and happy!  

Passion: is there a fire in your belly as you go about your business?


Is there a fire in your belly as you go about your business?

If so, keep doing what you’re doing!

If not, there’s no time like now to make change happen.  

Step 1: Think about what you are passionate about.

Step 2: What are some ways you can implement this in your business?  It could be time to redefine your WHY.

Step 3: Now think 6 months/1 year ahead… how will these changes make a difference to how passionate you’re feeling about what you do.  And think about the consequences of not changing.

Step 4: Sometimes finding that passion isn’t about business.  There may be other things going on in your life that are impacting what you do.  If that’s the case, my best advice is to take care of yourself.  Eat right, sleep well, exercise and find what makes you happy.  Put yourself first and you’ll get through this (and the fire WILL come back).

If you're sick, took six month's off, or wanted to focus on another business... would your business continue operating without you?

Power Up Your Processes

If you’re sick, took six month’s off, or wanted to focus on another business… would your business continue operating without you?  If you lost your virtual assistant, would your business grind to a stuttering halt?

Nope!  Not if you have processes in place.  Processes will help you to:

  • Take time off
  • Have an exit strategy
  • Scale your business
  • Deliver exceptional service
  • Improve profitability

… honestly, the list goes on!

We have a free guide to take you through the steps needed to put your processes in place.  

Think too (and this is where we are at internally) about once you have your processes documented:

  • How you’re implementing these in your day to day operations.
  • How often they’re reviewed.
  • How you can leverage or repurpose some of these processes.

>>  Here’s a good article on why your processes can do with your tender-loving attention!

How to be productive by using Siri in your car

Productivity (with Siri)

Finally, let’s take a look at productivity.  We have a new client who spends a lot of time each week in his car and in looking for ways to make that are a more productive use of time, Renee came across this video I wanted to share with you.  I’m also using some of these Siri hacks both at home on my laptop and in the car.  

I hope this helps your productivity a wee bit too!

That’s it! Four P’s that are essential to my business, and to yours. I’d love to hear your thoughts on people, passion, processes and productivity in the comments below. Now, go forward and be awesome!

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