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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Examples

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Do you have standard operating procedures for your core business processes already? If so you’re all set to scale without speed wobbles and are most likely running a profitable, efficient business like the pro you are. Your work is not however complete, and what work ever is! Auditing, constant improvement and implementation of the procedures is your next step as covered here in The Power of Systems, 3 mistakes to avoid with your business systems.

If standard operating procedures don’t already exist could it be you don’t see them as being as important as, for example, attracting new clients or customer service? If this is the case take a minute to download our free guide “How to Systemise and Automate your Business” where we walk you through the Why and show you How to incorporate SOP’s in easy actionable steps.

In the download above we share the templates you need to set up your own systems, templates we use. But as promised here’s some examples to share with you … and remember if you need a ‘done-for-you’ approach to getting things done it’s as easy as booking a discovery call with Justine.

Example of an SOP for our monthly client reports:

Example of an SOP for our project briefs:

Example of an SOP to execute a client event:

Example of an SOP for quality control of client tasks:

Ultimately your SOP’s come together to form your operations manual, covering both internal and external processes for your business. Doing this ensures that:

  • Your intellectual property is documented on paper (not in your head or that of your team)
  • With processes in place you can constantly improve your procedures
  • Weaknesses in your systems are more easily identified and eliminated
  • Delegation and outsourcing is easy with consistent outputs
  • Scaling your business and improving profitability is viable
  • Your team are happier and more productive
  • You deliver a better service to your clients
  • With your IP documented you can then look at ways to further leverage your processes!

Click here to download your free ebook that gives you everything you need to create your own standard operating procedures for a more profitable business. 

How to systemise and automate your business [free download]
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