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Planning: You + VA + VBM

Planning: You + Your VBM + Your VA

How exactly does a business owner, virtual business manager and virtual assistant compliment each other? 

Is there really a need for all three?

Each month this year we’ll bring you a series of articles showing each persons role in a particular area of your business.  This month with the theme on planning, let’s look at your planning day.

Your role as the business owner when it comes to planning

Planning wouldn’t happen without you leading it!  As your business’s visionary it’s your role to set the goals and outline the plan.

What would achieving these goals look like and what are the consequences of not achieving these goals? 

What’s your vision for this year and what’s changed since last year?  

Typically you’re responsible for communicating with your VBM the following:

  • When to schedule your planning day for
  • Which team members should be present
  • What information you need for the planning.

And on the day itself you’ll:

  • Lead the planning day
  • Keep the team focused on the agenda
  • Be open minded!
  • Clearly communicate your vision
  • Focus on walking away with an clear (short) list of SMART goals with everyone on the same page.
Your VBMs role in annual planning

Your Virtual Business Manager is the traffic controller for the day.  Their role comes into force after your planning day when they take the plan and:

  • Turn it into detailed projects using your project management tool
  • Break these projects down into actionable tasks 
  • Manage the projects and report to you on the progress
  • Keep you focused and accountable for your part of those projects
Your VBM is responsible for making sure the right stuff gets done, at the right time, in the right way, by the right people, with the right result.
Your virtual assistant's role in annual planning

Time for your virtual assistant and wider team to get cracking on executing these projects and knuckling down to do the tasks.

Here’s an example of how the three of you would work together on a specific project:

One of your goals this year might be to grow your mailing list by 20% (from 3,500 to 5,200) using a series of promoted webinars.  You turn up for the webinars, your VBM designs and measures the sales funnel, manages the copy writer and graphic designer, while your VA schedules the ads, creates the landing page, email campaign, and sets up the tech.

A very simplistic view but you get the picture!

Take Action

Think back (or ahead!) to your planning day.  Are you spending your time in your zone of genius? If not, download our resource “Stop Spending Your Time on Too Much Admin” and do the exercise on page 5.  It’s life changing!

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