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Is Social Media a Massive Waste of Your Time?

Is Social Media a Massive Waste of Your Time?

Question: Is social media a massive waste of your time?

Answer A: Yes. It will be if you do not have a strategy to keep you focused.  Without a strategy, honestly you’ll achieve bugger all … perhaps increased frustration!  Social media is a waste of time if you are looking for a quick burst in sales or fast results with minimal effort.

Answer B: No.  Social media is a way for you to build your profile, and your brand.  It’s a way to help your customers, listen to your customers, generate new leads and increase your exposure. It’s an ‘in for the long haul’ investment, but one with a host of benefits for your business. Social media is pull, not push.  You pull business into you, you do not push your business at people.

In my ever so slightly biased opinion, social media is not a waste of your time.  If you set realistic goals in terms of what you want to achieve and what resources you have available, social media is a rewarding way to grow your business.  Start small, listen before you ‘speak’, and remember … it’s called social media.  It’s a way for you to effectively engage and create connections with an amazing amount of people, any time, from anywhere.

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