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How To Get Shit Done (as a busy boss)

How To Get Shit Done (as a busy boss)

Something I’m struggling with at the moment, and I know it’s a frustration for most clients, is getting stuff done for my own business.

I don’t give my business the same respect, time or priority I give my clients. If I did, if I spent as much time and energy on this business as I did with time spent working in my business, I’d have a lot less noise in my head and be achieving the goals I’ve set.

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So, I’ve been working on this and I think I’ve got the formula to share with you. Try the steps below so you’re consistently getting shit done for your business. You’ll feel a whole lot lighter, have a more efficient, productive and profitable business, and by no means least, ultimately a better life balance. Isn’t that why we do what we do?

Blocking Out Time

We can all block out time in our day, that’s a given. But we don’t. Often the day to day takes over our carefully colour-coded calendar! Why? Because we don’t give our own business the same respect we give our clients. We won’t die if the task doesn’t get done. But looking long term, the impact is just as dire. Not spending time on your own business is a sure recipe for failure.

As you block out time try this:

1. Be profit focused

If you get this task done, what impact will that happen on your profitability? The time you allow should be in perspective with the impact that completing this action has on your business.

2. Be accountable

We all perform better when we have to answer to someone. Tell someone what you’re going to achieve, by when. Get them to come back to you or ask to see the finished product. Be accountable to yourself but it always helps if you think by not achieving, you’ll let someone down. That someone could be your virtual assistant, online business manager, coach, mentor, partner, staff … as long as it’s someone who can call you on your excuses, and someone you don’t want to let down.

3. Be outcome or goal driven

At the end of this block of time, what’s the end result? What do you need to produce in order to achieve your outcome? By working towards this outcome you’ll stay focused and have reached a result or outcome that impacts your business.

4. Be your own client

Work on your tasks as if you’re your own client. Give yourself the same priorities, attention to detail and follow the same process as you would for a client. If you say to a client I’ll have your marketing strategy to you by the end of the day, then it will happen. Give your own business that same respect and accountability.

5. Visualise ‘done’ and the consequences if not

Ok so this sounds a bit airy fairy but it works. How will achieving this outcome impact your business, what will reaching the goal mean. Again go back to profitability if that’s your why, but know your why and the consequence of achieving or not achieving. Put pressure on yourself (in a positive fashion).

For example by completing my own marketing strategy by 3pm today I’ll be able to get Shauna to start executing the strategy next week meaning we are on track to bring on 2 new OBM clients by the middle of December. If I don’t complete my strategy by 3 today, next Monday through to Wednesday are committed to clients meaning I’ll lose another week before executing which means I don’t attract those 2 clients this side of Christmas. That’s a monetary loss of $6,200 in revenue.

6. Fall off the wagon

And you will. I have! It takes 66 days to make a habit stick.  So pick yourself up and think about why you fell off in the first place. It’s only by reflecting and learning as you go that you’ll break the habits that get between you and success.

Common Reasons Why We Don’t Get Shit Done (and solutions)

An email comes in demanding your attention
Turn off all distractions!

A previous block of time runs over time
Stop when you said you were going to stop. Reschedule the time you need to finish (after first identifying why you didn’t finish on time in case there’s something you can do in the future to avoid this)

A client phones with an urgent task not scheduled in your day
Will anyone die if it doesn’t get done? If not, schedule it when you have a space (and when blocking out your day you should also be allowing time for ‘urgents’). If someone will die, is there anyone on your team who can help? If not, can any other blocks of time be rescheduled to make time for this (any blocks of time except your get shit done time!).

There’s just no room in my calendar to block out get shit done
Then something needs to change from a strategic level. Can you delegate, can you do less meetings, can you increase your pricing and work with less clients, can you change some of your systems and work smarter? For myself, when I’m not working directly with clients I’m so much better at working smarter and following my own best practice. When I am, I tend to lose that ability and perspective, so I need to think carefully about how many clients I work directly with.

A final tip, what’s been working really well for me is blocking out time as I would to catchup with a client. I prioritise Zooms so a click in my head was to give my get shit done time the same thought process as a client’s zoom. If they’re in the calendar I stop what I was working on and show up. Same applies!

Back to you! I’d love to hear from you once you try above, even as you read this. Have I missed anything or does adding something to the list above help you get your stuff done? Most of all, what challenges stand in your way? Comment below, your first step in accountability!

How to get shit done as a busy boss [free download]

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